It is believed that Chi is present generally everywhere

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy based on the realization of the innate power of the natural elements around you like wind and water. The philosophy is constructed around the concept of 'Chi', the energy that brings about fortune and success to the life of a person. The Portable Hose Reels Truck philosophy of Feng Shui can be applied to your garden as well. Such a garden that is developed and built according to these principles is called a Feng Shui garden.Placement of plants in such a way that the beneficial energy of Chi gets transferred to you forms the crux in the concept involved in a Feng Shui garden. 

It is believed that Chi is present generally everywhere. Yet it is concentrated at a few places necessitating the planning of your garden conforming to the beneficial positioning of Chi. The areas related to Chi are believed to bring tons of happiness and prosperity to the person that has laid the garden. Fire, wood, metal, water and earth are the elements associated with chi in the philosophy of Feng Shui.

Since chi as a source of energy is concentrated more in a few areas, you are advised to construct your balanced garden in curves and proportion. One of the important aspects of the garden is the 'Yang' energy associated with it. Good lighting and space bring about Yang energy in the garden. You are advised to keep garden lights in the southwest region of your garden. This will ensure a happy marital life for you. Do your best to include the five elements of Feng Shui philosophy in your garden to reap the entire benefits.In what ways you can include the five elements of fire, wood, metal, water and earth in the making of your garden? You need to be a bit innovative in doing include them in your Chi garden. 

If you sow seeds that give rise to plants that issue forth red flowers then the element of fire becomes represented. Growing of trees constitutes the implementation of the wood-factor. Erect a bronze statue or a sundial in a certain area of the garden to ensure that the metal aspect gets represented too. Constructing a pond or a fountain is a good idea to include the water-factor in the garden. The element of earth is taken care of by mud and earthen ware that you use in your Feng Shui garden.There are some tips to be followed if you are to taste the nectar of success through your Feng Shui garden. If you dig a pond in the garden ensure that the pond is circular in shape. It is better to have the entire garden too in a circular shape. It can be octagonal too. Red color is said to boost Chi and hence it is advisable to grow more plants that give rise to red flowers. To enable Chi to gently find its way in to your house it is better to curve the path of the garden in front of your house.

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