Labor intensity and difficulty are relatively large

What is a CNC machine? A CNC machine is a computer numerical controlled equipment for cutting, milling, carving, engraving, drilling, grooving, polishing, bending different materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, stone, foam, etc. The traditional wood lathe is slow, the operator can not leave the machine, the operation requirements are high, the stability of the lathe is poor and complex. The operator need long time to planetary reducer learn, easy to make mistakes, high rate of defective products, processing speed is slow, processing quality is unstable, the surface roughness of the workpiece directly affects the next grinding process difficulty, but also makes the operation time. 

Labor intensity and difficulty are relatively large, when the part of the workpiece is hard, it is easy to break the workpiece and injure people, which is a safety problem that needs attention. Fully automatic CNC wood lathe is not only suitable for processing slender wood, but also can process coarse wood, and has the characteristics of wide application range of soft and hardness of processing materials, the surface of the workpiece after processing is brighter than the existing wood lathe processing parts, including the base, bed, program control system, spindle box, center board, tool carrier moving system, tail. 

The seat and machine lubrication system is characterized by: program control system, spindle box, tailstock, knife holder moving system, machine lubrication system installed on the bed, the bed and the base connected as one, it is mainly used for wood processing. In fact, if you research those CNC machine sellers or suppliers in USA, you will find many of them are the distributors of China CNC machine manufacturers. 

The manufacturer customized different CNC machine exteriors as OEM products for those distributors in USA. Except the exterior, there are no different from the CNC machine in China.   Instead, the manufacturers from China sell CNC machines with 24/7 service and support (online service, remote service, telephony support), door-to-door training and installing, you can get a full service from a China CNC machine manufacturer. Of course, there are many trade companies that have  no any after-sale service and support, so, when you buy a CNC machine, you should ensure that you can get a full service from the seller.

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