How much is the UV flatbed printer manufacturers price of the smallest UV printer

The price of small UV printers is generally between 890000 and tens of thousands, and customization can reach 50 first of all, you must not be greedy for cheap machines. Small UV printers with prices below 150000 are generally refitted machines, and their stability is relatively poor. secondly, when choosing UV printers, you must be careful not to blindly follow the manufacturer's introduction, and do not blindly follow the manufacturer's introduction UV flatbed printer manufacturers Choose, because the quality of a printer is first the choice of the nozzle, from the speed, accuracy, life, price, after-sales and other aspects of consideration; then choose a larger scale manufacturers, such as kale, Dongchuan, Taiwei, etc., whether in terms of quality or after-sales service, large manufacturers are guaranteed; finally, go to the regular manufacturer to print a sample From the point of view, if you print a small font, there is no overlap and clear print. Then the accuracy of this machine is good. Need to shop around to really understand whether UV printers are suitable for factory processing. The price difference of small UV machines in the city is also big. It depends on the printing format. The price of the same printing format machine varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It depends on the strength of the digital tshirt printing machine manufacturer. The strong manufacturer has good accessories, high input, and excellent machine quality, so the price will be higher. The price of low input may be lower. Dacheng Guangchi suggests that you can visit several more on-site. Now the smallest machine is only 2013, and there may be smaller ones on the market, but that one is suitable for personal enthusiasts. Now the price of 2013 machine Ricoh industrial sprinkler is about 150000 A4 and a3uv printers on the market are mainly refitted machines. It is inconvenient to use them when they are directly converted into tablet printer like machines. It is not convenient to use them. It is recommended to buy machines above A2. These boards are developed by manufacturers themselves, and their performance is stable. UV printers like kc4080 and kc6090 can be understood. Before uv flatbed printer for sale purchasing, we should consider brand, category, specification, market and other factors
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