Why do housing societies need residential EV charging solutions?

EV charging solutions in residential complexes are now increasing gradually. People have realized that access to good EV charging infrastructure is not as easy and installing charging stations at residential apartments has emerged as a practical solution to bridge this gap. Residential EV charging solutions don't just ensure easy access to charging points but also greatly increase property value. If you are a real estate developer, you must make provision for EV charging facilities in the housing society plan. Let's understand why housing societies need to have residential charging solutions. 

Reasons to install EV charging solutions in housing societies

If you are wondering what benefits charging stations offer, here is a list of charging stations' benefits for the residents.

  1. Removes range anxiety for residents

Range anxiety refers to the fear of running out of charge before finding another charging station. Installing EV charging stations in housing societies will ease range anxiety for residents. A large number of people are reluctant to switch to EVs due to a lack of charging infrastructure. Installing EV charging stations at housing societies will ensure lack of charging facilities doesn't stand in the way of EV adoption. Residents can charge their vehicles before starting their journey and be confident of the vehicle's performance. 

  1. Comfort and convenience

Residential EV charging solutions ensure charging from the comfort of their homes for residents. Residents don't have to worry about finding a charging station elsewhere. Residents can make spontaneous travel plans as charging facilities are available right at their homes. There is no need to time their charging sessions or plan in advance to charge the vehicle. This eases the stress for residents and makes things convenient for them. 

  1. Low charging costs

Charging at the housing society might be cheaper than charging from public stations. This will encourage residents to use residential charging facilities more than public facilities. You can contact reputable EV AC charger contractors to inquire about charging station prices for housing societies. 

  1. Project a modern and eco-conscious image

Housing societies that have EV charging facilities come across as modern, technologically advanced, and eco-conscious. Such facilities attract more tenants who wish to take advantage of sophisticated technology and other perks that come with it.

  1. Raises the property value

Properties that come with residential EV charging solutions command better prices in the market. The property values compared to other residential properties are much higher. 

EV adoption is gaining popularity and the number of people switching to EV will only increase in the coming years. Housing societies that invest in EV charging facilities can stay ahead of the curve and attract more forward-thinking tenants. You are also contributing to a sustainable future by installing charging stations in the complex. There are many EV AC charger contractors who specialize in customized charging solutions. You can approach a contractor with a proven track record to reap maximum benefits from the charging station. The experience and expertise of charging station installers matter a lot.

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