How we use fundamental analysis?

How we use fundamental analysis?

Sin Lee started her trading journey with just RM2,000 at the age of 19 during her first year in university. As an avid traveller, she discovered the matrix in having both time and money freedom. It empowered her to have the ability to keep exploring different places in the world and spend quality time with loves one instead of working 9-5. Today, Sin Lee is now a speaker, a lifestyle trader who helped many investors in achieving their passive income through the financial market, and she believes that with the right tools and guidance, everyone is able to live the life they want!To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
Wiki Forum Forum Function:

  In order to help more investors, WikiFX has launched the WikiFX

  Forum forum, which aims to provide urgently needed and professional

  services to Nigerian forex investors.

  The exposure function of “WikiFX Forum” includes the following features:

  1: Allow investors who have been defrauded by illegal broker to complain directly in the forum (as shown in the screenshots)

  As long as there is sufficient evidence, a review panel and an

  executive team will contact the broker to discuss the complaint or

  expose it directly through the media. Here are the exposure channels:

  2: Block low score brokers from entering the forum

  3: Monitor suspicious communication in real time, and directly spot and deal with suspicious fraud;

  4: Negotiate with highly reliable brokers selected by WikiFX in the secure environment of WikiFX Forum.

  WikiFX APP exposure channel:

  Information page to understand forex scam and exposure channel:

  Website exposure channel:

  Worried about missing out latest trends in the volatile market? WikiFX ‘News Flash’ is here to help!

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