WoW Classic: Useful Gear You Need to Have

Gear is essential for you in WOW Classic. In all the hype about the best equipment, there will definitely be a lot of useful raid equipment that is not getting the support it deserves. This is a small part of the unusual and unappreciated WOW gold classic of the WOW classic.To get more news about wow gold classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Mark of the Dragon Lord

This humble ring offers a shield that deals 500 damage. To make it so useful, it increases your magic recovery speed by 22 every 5 seconds every 30 seconds! However, when the shield breaks, the effect disappears. It has a cooldown of 30 minutes, so you can restore it before then. It is equivalent to two Mindtap Talismans, even with a shield!

Obtained from the overlord Vitalak on the lower level of the Blackrock Spire. Be prepared to try it because its loss rate is low. We recommend this method for weak healers who need shields and spellcasters who need mana recovery.


The axe's attributes are medium, and it looks a bit dull when you don't consider its attack speed or "spell hit chance" attribute. The annihilator can reduce the enemy's armor by 200 points and stack up to 3 times. Reducing the armor of 600 to a Boss can greatly increase the damage of the Paladin DPS, even in the early balance of power, it is also a useful weapon.

You can use your talents. The blacksmith can get a plan from the quartermaster of the Blackrock Spire, Sigris. Forging requires a skill level of 300. The material may be a bit expensive, but the weapon is worth it.

Green Whelp Armor

Another type of equipment you can make yourself, the green wyrm armor has a very useful effect. When a melee attacker attacks anyone who wears it, they all have the opportunity to sleep for 10 seconds. The window of opportunity is enough for those who are stupid to mark you as a relaxed target on the table.

Some players may have placed them in the auction house. Otherwise, you can get a formula by fighting with items around 35-45. You must be at least a 175 cobbler to make.

Jagged Obsidian Shield

Shields are a great tool for mitigating damage, whether it's through extra defense/armor or direct block attack. The serrated obsidian shield is integrated with any common shield and has some additional effects. First, it increased the chance of 2% to stop the attack. Second, it gives all resistors +5 points. Third, it can resist aggressive spells and silence the caster for 3 seconds. This is useful for PvP or Master NPCs. If the Warrior DPS is high enough, then a 3 second window will suffice.

The blacksmith can buy plans from the Admiral Andorov on the ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. You must have a "sublime" reputation in the Cenarion Circle to purchase. Make it reach the forging level of 300. Otherwise, you may find some that are sold at the auction house.
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