A brief history on modern art painting


Modern art paintings challenge traditional paintings in every way, as they represent a radical break from conventional practices. They are a symbol of a new era where the representation of individual expression and thought is given great emphasis over traditional techniques and styles. Modern art paintings have had an unforgettable influence on the art world, from the colourful brushstrokes of Fauvism to the geometric patterns of Cubism and the expressive textures of Abstract Expressionism.

After reading this blog, you will at least understand the basics of modern art painting. We will also talk about the best handmade paintings for the living room and where to buy modern art paintings in India.

The birth of modern art painting

The modern painting movement started in the late 19th century, and its popularity continued to grow in the 20th century. There were many reasons that gave rise to this movement:

  • Firstly, traditional paintings were only limited to religion and god; new artists wanted to create something different, something more sophisticated that represented modern life and ideas.
  • Another reason that led to the creation of modern art painting is rules. Painting was usually tied to academics, and the artists had to follow strict rules while creating their art. Artists felt that these rules prevented their creativity from flourishing.

In the 20th century, humans underwent a drastic change. There were technological advancements, shifts in cultural values, and even wars. New artists felt the need to create something that reflected the changes in our society.

Characteristics of modern art painting

Painting in modern art frequently departs from the classic representational techniques that dominated art for decades. This can include avoiding realistic or naturalistic renderings of the world as well as using unconventional materials.

Painting in modern art is distinguished by a willingness to experiment with new forms, colors, and textures. Artists frequently aim to push the boundaries of what is acceptable or "beautiful" in art and may employ daring, unusual means to achieve their goals.

Rather than simply displaying the environment around them, modern art painting emphasises individual expression and the artist's own ideas and emotions. This might result in profoundly personal, abstract, or symbolic artwork.

Non-traditional materials used in modern art painting include discovered things, industrial materials, and even rubbish or garbage. This reflects modern artists' ambition to broaden the idea of what constitutes art and to question old notions of beauty and aesthetics.

 Important movements in modern art history

  1. Impressionism: This art movement originated in the late 1800s. It is known for its emphasis on capturing the ephemeral impressions of light and colour in ordinary, everyday scenes. Impressionist paintings are characterised by their use of loose, sketchy brushwork and vibrant, bold colours.
  2. Fauvism: An art movement that surfaced in the early 1900s and is renowned for its utilisation of vivid, striking hues and uncomplicated shapes is Fauvism. Fauvist paintings typically feature striking contrasts between colours, creating a vibrant and dynamic visual experience for the viewer.
  3. Cubism: This an art movement that surfaced in the early 1900s, is renowned for its utilisation of geometric forms and diverse perspectives to produce a fragmented spatial impression. Cubist artworks are renowned for their distinctive use of overlapping planes and abstract elements.
  4. Expressionism: This is an art movement that originated in the early 1900s. It is known for its emphasis on powerful emotions and individual experiences. Expressionist paintings are known for their use of vivid hues, twisted shapes, and an overall feeling of reckless emotion.

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Modern art painting has revolutionised the world of art with its dynamic and vital force. It is known for its rejection of traditional artistic styles and techniques and instead focuses on individual expression and experimentation. It's important to clarify that traditional paintings should not be discredited or considered less aesthetically pleasing. Every painting possesses a unique tale and aesthetic charm that is entirely its own.

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