How to Choose the Perfect Wall Painting for Your Living Room


The living room is a place where we spend quality time with our kids and partner after a long and tiring day. It is a place where family members eat together, watch cricket matches with family, and host guests. This means the living room must be properly decorated. One of the most aesthetic and luxurious decor items you can add to your living room is a painting. It can instantly elevate the beauty of your living room.

However, there are many options to choose from. Should you buy a traditional painting or opt for contemporary art? What size should you choose? In this blog, we will answer these questions and help you choose the best wall painting for your living room.

Factors to consider when choosing the best painting for your living room

  1. Consider the room's function.

The first thing you want to know before buying a painting is what the main purpose of your living room is. Is it a place where you come to relax and find peace? Or do you use your living room for house parties and family activities? Your answer here will determine the type of painting you should buy.

For example, if you want your living room to have a calming and relaxing vibe, you must choose spiritual paintings like Radha Krishna Flute with Cow from Satguru’s. If you are looking for more of a party or entertainment vibe, you can go for abstract painting like ABS Red.

  1. Access your living room’s light settings

The lighting in your living room can significantly affect the way your painting looks. Different types of lighting from different angles will have different effects on the painting's colours and overall look.

For example, natural light can elevate the liveliness of the colours in the paintings and bring out all the minute details, while artificial lights can add a warmer or cooler tone to the painting depending on the type of light. The angle and intensity of the lights also affect the way the painting appears.

Similarly, a light shining on an oil painting can make it look more glossy and bright, while the same lighting can make a textured painting dull.

  1. Access the size of your living room

Before you buy any paintings, you must make sure to measure the walls of your living room. This will help you determine the size of the painting that will suit your wall. The rule of thumb is that the painting you buy should cover one-third of the width of your wall.

Another thing to remember is the height of your wall. If your wall is high, consider choosing vertical painting like Musical Ganesh; if your wall is not that high, you must opt for horizontal paintings like Abstract Horizontal from Satguru’s.

  1. Check for compatibility with existing decor

Finally, you must make sure that the painting you choose matches the overall decor of your house. It should blend into the existing decor of the living room. Look at the existing colours that are present in the living room. For example, if your living room has a lot of wooden furniture and is brown or beige, you can buy a painting with a warm, earthy tone like this .

The painting you choose also suits your living room's overall theme. The simplest example of abstract wall art will work in a modern setting, while traditional and spiritual paintings will easily elevate a traditionally themed living room.


Choosing the right wall painting for your living room means giving careful thought to the room's purpose, lighting, size, and current decor, as well as trying out different paint samples. You'll be able to pick a wall paint colour that precisely complements your living room and sets the ideal tone for the heart of your home if you follow this professional advice.

If you are looking to buy a new painting for your living room, you can check out Satguru’s. They are one of the best decor shops in Mumbai. Here you can find a beautiful collection of traditional, modern, and spiritual wall art. Aside from paintings, you can also find God idols, wall arts, art statues, and other home decor ideas. Check out their website to learn more about their beautiful decor collection.


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