4 gift idea options for your next housewarming party


The tradition of housewarming dates back several centuries and every culture has a different reason for the celebration. In India, housewarming primarily means performing pooja to eliminate any kind of negative energy in the house, as it is believed that evil spirits reside in empty homes. In medieval France, however, housewarming was celebrated for a completely different reason. In France, the house owners used to invite neighbours and relatives who helped them build their house.

The tradition of housewarming is still popular in India, and people perform poojas in the house. Like every festival or occasion, during housewarming parties, the hosts are showered with gifts from the guests. In this blog, we will talk about different types of gifts you can give to a new homeowner during the housewarming party.

Different types of housewarming gifts

When it comes to housewarming parties, the list of gifts you can buy is endless. The gift you want to buy also depends on how well you know the house owner. For example, if they are your best friend, you can buy expensive gifts like paintings or coffee machines. If they are someone not very close to you, a dinner set or a vase could be a good gift option.

You can also gift a customisable product like a nameplate with their name written on it in beautiful calligraphy. The type of gift you want to give also depends on the location. Giving a flower pot to a person living in a flat in an urban city makes little sense. On the other hand flower pots can be an excellent gift idea for a house in a rural area where there is some spare land to grow plants. A thoughtful and personalised gift is always appreciated, but ultimately the choice of gift depends on the recipient's preferences and needs.

Unique housewarming gifts you can buy from Satguru's

Satguru’s is one of the best gift shops online and decor shops based in Mumbai, with a wide range of gift options for every occasion. Here are a few gift ideas from Satguru’s that can be an ideal gift for a new house owner.

  1. Ganesha idols

Lord Ganesha is a symbol of new beginnings; therefore, a Ganesha idol or a small Ganesha statue is a perfect gift for housewarming parties. It can be a good addition to their new puja house or their living room. At Satguru's, you can buy Ganesha idols of different unique designs, from traditional Small Mukut Ganesha to more modernised designs like Sitar Modern Ganesha. Aside from Ganesha, you can also buy idols of other gods and goddesses from their shops or online stores.


  1. Paintings

Paintings can be an unique housewarming gift for art-loving homeowners. Paintings are not only attractive but also act as the focal point of the room. At Satguru's, you will find many beautiful, aesthetically pleasing paintings. If the homeowner is more into traditional paintings, Radha Krishna Madhubani painting can be a good gift choice. On the other hand, Abstract Horizontal can be a good modern art painting choice.


  1. Home Decor

A family who has just bought a new house will always welcome new decor. Even though it’s not as fancy as giving a beautiful painting, home decor items are still very important for a new house. They are like small details that often go unnoticed, but without them, the house looks dull and empty. Small details like this vase  Flower Cut Work Pot from Satguru's. For this Numerical Action Clock, without which the house would look empty.


  1. Kitchen and dining items

Kitchen and dining items are always appreciated in a new house. Again, these are not fancy gifts but are a basic necessity. You can give them trays, mug sets, kitchen accessories like spoons and spatulas, and dinner sets for gifts. These kitchen items from Satguru’s can be good gift options: Pichhwai Leela Round Tray, Ram Pyaari Chai Set, Handcrafted Wooden Ladles and Morning Tuskers Dinner Set.



Giving housewarming presents is a kind way to let your loved ones know you care and to support them in making their new home feel cosy and welcoming. Finding a special and thoughtful present that will be treasured for years to come is simple with the wide range of possibilities available. The gifts you give can make a new house feel like a beautiful and loving home.

Satguru’s is one of the best places to buy a housewarming gift. Aside from housewarming, you can also buy wedding, Diwali, or corporate gifts online on their website.



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