Hiring a Salesforce Developer – How Does it Help Your Business?


About 150,000 companies, both large and small, use Salesforce. It’s used for customer relationship management and to handle businesses by creating unique solutions.

When you hire a Salesforce developer, it can be a very beneficial investment. Salesforce developers are qualified to build unique solutions on the Salesforce platform that help you enhance productivity and efficiency and gain profitable insights into your business.

Salesforce developers assist you in integrating with other systems, automating processes and tasks, and building unique features and applications on the platform.

Integrate With Other Systems:

Salesforce developers provide assistance when you wish to merge Salesforce with other systems, like your accounting software. They help provide a streamlined experience for your users while making it effortless for you to maintain and analyze data on various systems, i.e., Xero, Netsuite, WordPress, or Outlook.

Migrate Data to Salesforce:

A Salesforce developer makes it easier when the time comes for you to transfer all your data to Salesforce from another system or CRM. This includes data extraction, cleaning it up, formatting it, and bringing it into Salesforce so that it is appropriately arranged and accessible.

Within Salesforce, You Can Design Forms:

With the help of Salesforce developers, you can design custom forms that can be used within Salesforce and by the public on other platforms or your website. You can use these forms for various purposes, like gathering feedback, registering for different events, or gathering customer information.

Track and Manage Employees:

Salesforce developers furnish you with unique solutions on your platform that help you track and manage employees, like attendance, tracking their performance, and leave management.

Automate Processes and Tasks:

Salesforce developers help you automate repetitive tasks and processes, like creating events and tasks, updating records, and sending emails. This saves your team time and effort while ensuring that all important tasks are taken care of regularly.

Build Personalized Features and Applications:

Salesforce developers can lend a hand in constructing features and applications on the platform that fit your business like a glove. These include custom reports and dashboards, which can help provide insights into the business and help make data-driven decisions. For instance, a personalized dashboard helps you keep track of key metrics, like customer satisfaction, in real time.

Push Queries To Salesforce:

Salesforce developers help you merge Salesforce with your website. This means that all the queries and other such data are automatically pushed to Salesforce. This is a tremendous help when you wish to manage and track your website inquiries, making it easier for you to respond to them in a timely manner.

Event Management System:

Salesforce developers help build personalized solutions on the platform that help you manage and keep track of events, like workshops, conferences, and trade shows. This would include certain features like ticketing, registration, attendee tracking, and scheduling.

Why You Should Hire Salesforce Develop Based On Skill Set

When you want to hire Salesforce developer, make sure you give importance to the skill set and experience of the candidates. You will find that different developers have different areas of specialization, making it important to figure out what specific skills you are looking for.

One area you should consider is the various types of frameworks and tools available in Salesforce. If you are looking for a true asset to the business, you should hire someone who is an expert in these.

Given below are the various types of Salesforce developers based on their skill sets:

1. Visualforce developer

If you need to create and build custom user interfaces on the Salesforce platform, you should consider hiring a Visualforce developer. Visualforce developers are adept at the Visualforce framework, which they use to build personalized user interfaces on the platform.

2. Integration developer

Should you need to connect Salesforce to other systems or/and platforms, then an integration developer is your best bet. Integration developers have experience merging Salesforce with other systems, which helps create a seamless user experience.

3. Lightning developer

If you must build a modern, responsive user interface on the Salesforce platform, you need to hire a Lightning developer. Lightning developers are skilled at working with the Lightning framework, which they use to build user interfaces optimized for different devices and screen sizes.

4. Apex developer

If you need to build unique integrations or applications on the Salesforce platform that are complicated or which require advanced programming skills, you should hire an Apex developer. Apex developers are well-versed in the Apex programming language, which they use to create solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Basically, you should hire a Salesforce developer based on their skill set so that you can create custom solutions on the Salesforce platform that are custom-made for your business needs. Whether you need to hire an Integration developer, Apex developer, Lightning developer, or Visualforce developer will depend on your needs.

Additionally, it is important that you look for other qualities in a possible candidate, which can include:

  • Good ability to work with a team, in addition to good communication skills.
  • A track record boasting deliveries of high-quality software within budget and on time.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Adaptability and willingness to learn new technologies.

When appraising a candidate, you can go over several steps to assess their experience and skill, including:

  • You can ask them to provide examples of past projects that they have worked on, along with the challenges they faced.
  • You can ask for references from past employers to verify their experience.
  • Give them a technical assessment challenge to test out their knowledge and skills.
  • You should check their Salesforce certification status to check if they possess the necessary expertise and credentials.

Salesforce Development: In-House vs. Outsource

When you think of who to hire for Salesforce development, you are faced with a couple of options: outsource or do it in-house. If you wish to build a team of your own, you will be responsible for hiring employees with the required experience and skill sets. On the other hand, if you want to outsource this development, you don’t have to think about hiring and managing anyone.

When to Hire In-House

  • Seeking instant support
  • Budget is not an issue
  • You need full control
  • You already have proper experience with managing

When to Outsource

  • Budget is a constraint.
  • The project is not big
  • Unfamiliarity with the Salesforce development process
  • You are good with communicating in a different time zone

When Do You Not Hire A Salesforce Developer?

There may be certain projects and situations where you do not need to hire a Salesforce developer. For instance, if your only use of Salesforce is for basic contact management, and you don’t have any complicated customization requirements, then you do not require a dedicated Salesforce developer. Here, it would be considered cost-effective to train existing employees on the basics of the platform or to use resources already provided.

Another situation where you might not need a Salesforce developer is if you already work with a trusted consulting partner who handles all your Salesforce needs. Here, it is more profitable to keep working with the existing partner and use their experience rather than bringing someone new on board.

Overall, the decision to hire should be based on specific business goals and needs. It’s important for you to consider the current and upcoming Salesforce requirements and the cost and advantages of hiring a full-fledged, dedicated developer before you decide.

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