HRTech Interview with Mark Banfield, CEO of 1E

Please share a few words about yourself and your journey as the CEO of 1E.

I have always had a particular interest in the enterprise software industry. Before coming to 1E, I was in sales roles and served as the Chief Revenue Officer at LogicMonitor, as well as the SVP and General Manager for International at Autotask (acquired by Datto).

My background in sales led me to 1E and my current role as CEO. When I first joined the company, I had one goal: to create one centralized concept everyone could rally around. Zoning in on such a goal has helped to lead 1E to prioritize digital employee experience (DEX).

What attracted you to move into the HR technology and talent management space?

Human capital can be seen as the biggest differentiator for organizations. Especially in today’s job market, how a company is perceived and differentiated can have a direct correlation to if they’re able to retain and bring on new talent. Retaining and attracting talent comes down to the quality of any given organization’s employee experience, regardless of where they are logging in from. Experience means everything. I truly believe in the power of DEX technology, and that passion is what ultimately attracted me to this industry.

Brief our audience about 1E, and give us an overview of its solutions.

1E is a DEX management tool that reimagines how technology serves people and opens the doors to create new ways for IT to shape the future of work. The platform helps IT teams improve end-user experience, tighten security, and reduce costs – including finding and fixing issues before employees know they’re happening.

As a CEO, how do you prioritize your employees’ mental health and well-being, especially during times of stress and uncertainty?

In order to build a great culture and continue prioritizing my employee’s mental health and well-being, I’m focused on powering a trusted and people-first community. This includes finding ways to safely bring employees together in our UK and Austin offices while prioritizing hybrid work and flexibility.

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs and leaders aspiring to venture into the workforce management niche?

My biggest piece of advice would be to be customer obsessed. When getting into this line of business, leaders need to ruthlessly understand every aspect of their customer and their experience. That means spending time listening to key customers, gathering feedback on their top needs and problems, and learning to innovate from their challenges.


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