Can I change a flight With Air Serbia?

Yes, a passenger who has already booked a flight with Air Serbia can change or reschedule a flight an unlimited number of times. Passengers can initiate Air Serbia change flight in multiple ways. The airport process is explained here below:

  • After visiting the airport, complete the process of check-in.
  • Go to the “ Help Desk” counter and request them to change the scheduled flight.
  • Please give them your required details and pay the cancellation fee in case of cancellation. In case of flight rebooking, pay the fare difference between the flight tickets.
  • Do carry supporting identification documents.

How do I change my Air Serbia flight date online?

When you have booked your flight with Air Serbia, and later, you want to modify the flight dates for some reason. The online process to change Air Serbia is written below:

  • Visit the official website of Air Serbia.
  • Go to the “My Reservation” option and fill in the reservation code and surname; then, you can find a reservation.
  • Now, you can change the flight date. 

How can I reschedule my Air Serbia flight without fees? 

  • If the flight rescheduling is within 24 hours of booking and the flight departure is after seven days, no additional fees will be required. 
  • If the flight delay is more than 3 hours, passengers can reschedule the flight without paying extra fees. Airlines will be liable to pay compensation to the passenger.


The above information will guide a passenger about the procedure to change the flight. For further details, contact the trained customer service team of Air Serbia.

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