There's a Horde version

AI level with hit crit strength and stamina Korean WoTLK Gold smasher, which is a fantastic first weapon with power of attack and armor pen towers that are the endless brain with Crit hit and spell power a nice haste spell power staff that is in spirit and stamina. RAGING Dragon, which is a nice gun with the ability to hit attack along with stamina and agility, and in the end, Fang of the desolate soul with crit and attack power. This is a very nice rogue dagger 1.8 speed it's quite an easy quest line, but it's worth the effort. Worth noting that is Alliance only.
There's a Horde version. The old version is a bit of a long story because it's known as Hello screams champion where you'll be sent to that torn Calais village, again, since it's right at the end of different quest chains . Once you've completed it, you'll be able to get it from Garrosh Hellscream after which you'll have to travel back to the Tong Calais village again to give it back and receive the same weapons as the ones we've looked at in last rites to the Alliance.
This has got quite a few questions to answer. These include the wondrous Bloodsport that is located to the east of wars of hold untold truths, which actually starts in wars on holds and hell screams video which is the introduction quest that basically puts two wars on hold and that will take you to another seven or six steps. However, after you've done all of these quests which you're going to complete since they're all within this general starting area you will eventually be led to a village, where you'll be able to hand the weapon to them and receive the most beautiful weapon.
The last quest I'd like to address is"the murder" Harold Layne and this is available to both factions and it begins at Camp data. Therefore, you'll want to complete all quests within Camp data when you're an Achievement Hunter because there is an achievement that is called data WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. little as a smudge in the yes it's a suggestion for free players but you'll definitely be able to solo.
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