9 Incredible Tips to Pack your Kitchen Professionally

Shifting your kitchen items is not an easy chore due to the dissimilar objects found in your kitchen drawers. Unlike other rooms, there is so much to pack in the kitchen right from the large oddly-sized items to small objects such as cutlery and cups.

Most people get confused while packing their kitchen as they do not know where to start. So, they prefer to hire packers and movers from Kolkata to Delhi for this purpose. However, if you are short of budget and want to pack your kitchen on your own, the following tips will be a great help to you:-

1.  De-clutter the Kitchen First

The first step while packing your kitchen is to sort out unused items. For that, you will have to open each drawer of your kitchen and find the items that are no longer in use. Generally, we don’t upkeep our kitchen. So, there are higher chances of finding innumerable objects lying unused in your kitchen. Once you identify these items, you can donate or throw them as per your requirements. However, make sure to pack your kitchen in a phased manner to avoid creating chaos in your kitchen. Hence, de-cluttering your kitchen is of utmost importance to you if you are aiming for a safe and affordable move.

2.  Collect the Right Packing Supplies

Packing your kitchen is an easy-peasy affair when you have the right packing supplies with you. To pack your kitchen, you need boxes of different sizes and other stuff that make your packing task easier. A few important packing supplies that will help you pack your kitchen easily include bubble wrap, packing paper, glass dividers, permanent markers, etc. You can find all these materials at the best prices in the market if you explore local markets in your neighborhood.

3.  Pack the Less-used Articles First

Make sure to first pack the kitchen supplies that are not frequently used by you. This will provide ease to you while packing these items as you only have to pack them directly in the boxes. A few items of this kind include cookbooks, wall hangings, pictures, wine glasses, vases, etc.

4.  Make an Essentials Box

You should make a separate box for keeping the essential items you will require in the last days of your old home. Once you pack these items in a separate box, you can easily get them whenever you want to use them. A few essential things you can pack in a box include dishtowels, soap, food items, other appliances, etc. 

5.  Pack your Dishes Properly

It is important to pack your dishes perfectly. As these items are easily breakable and heavy, you should be extra careful while packing them. To pack the dishes of your kitchen properly, you should look for the right boxes. However, make sure not to choose large boxes to move them. It is advisable to pack the dishes in a medium-sized box and paste them with the help of strong packing tape. You can use bubble wrap to line the bottom of this box. This will provide additional safety to these items during the relocation.

6.  Pack Small Kitchen Appliances Properly

Packing your small kitchen appliances is also a tough job to accomplish. Most people emphasize on packing large and costly appliances. However, some small appliances need great care from your side. They are extremely useful for the functioning of your day-to-day kitchen tasks. So, it is important to pack these appliances in a systematic way. The perfect way to pack these appliances is by using original boxes for them. If you are unable to find such boxes, you can find an appropriate-sized box where you can put these items easily.

A few important small kitchen appliances you should pack include coffee makers, blenders, toasters, blenders, etc. While packing these items, it is advisable to use any kind of packing material around them. This will enhance their safety during the move. 

7.  Pack Glassware Safely

Make sure to pack glassware safely during the move. These items are extremely fragile, so you should take extra care in packing them. It is best to keep the heaviest pieces first in the boxes. After keeping some pieces, start packing the fragile pieces next. However, make sure to wrap these items carefully to protect them. If you follow these tips while packing the glassware, you will be able to move them safely to your new place.

8.  Pack Pans and Pots Properly

You should also take great care in packing the pans or pots to protect them from any breakage during the move. Make sure to choose a huge box to pack them in. However, it is best to place packaging peanuts or crumpled newspaper at the bottom of this box before placing pans and pots in them. After doing this, you can start putting the small-sized pots within the large pots. Once you are done with it, it’s time to cover these items with the newspapers.

9.  Hire Reputed Packers and Movers

If you don’t have enough time to pack your kitchen items yourself, it’s best to book the leading packers and movers in Kolkata. Professional movers have a team of expert moving officials that have immense experience in this domain. This enables them to pack your kitchen items without much effort. These people are trained enough to organize your move from its start to the end.


Now you have become completely aware of the best tips and tricks that you can follow while packing your kitchen items. All the above-mentioned tips are immensely beneficial for you while packing these items for your upcoming move. However, if you don’t have enough time to pack your kitchen items on your own, you can book proficient packers and movers from Kolkata to Delhi. Getting their services is much more advantageous for you. These people have several years of experience in their domain. They have been offering their packing services to clients for a long time. So, they can easily manage the packing process and pack your kitchen items professionally.

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