Learn Key Fundraising Strategies Through Metasoft Webinars

Get Grants by Making the Right Moves with Foundations

How to conduct quality prospective funder research, and manage the process efficiently and effectively to successfully raise money from foundations. This webinar will present every step in the research and management of prospective funders. You’ll learn how to use prospect research tools; quickly and effectively find foundation matches and create a high quality list of prospects; manage the prospective funder process; connect to and cultivate foundation directors; and, most importantly, how to turn declined proposals into “yes!” and increase your funding.

Developing a Compelling Case for Support

Detailed presentation of the case for support and all the tools needed to create a compelling case. The case for support is the most important fundraising tool for a non-profit organization. It is the basis for all fundraising strategies and efforts (individual, foundation, government and corporate).

Secrets of Successful Grant Writing

The key elements of writing successful grant proposals and letters of inquiry. To succeed at foundation fundraising, non-profit organizations need to submit professional, impactful and detailed documents. It is also imperative to know what foundations look for and expect in these materials. This webinar will present the secrets to creating successful fundraising letters of inquiry and grant proposals.


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