10 Hidden secrets of Madina that you don’t know

Muslims all over the world believe that Madina is a holy city. Its full name is Al Madina Al Munawwarah, which means "the city of illumination." Masjid-e-Nabawi, the place where Prophet Muhammad SAWW was buried, is one of the city's most important sights. Every year, Muslim pilgrims travel with December Umrah Packages, and many other people come to this place as well.
There are many things you don't know about the Prophet's city. Here are some of them:
1. Masjid-e-Nabawi 
The Prophet Muhammad was laid to rest in this beautiful 10-minaret mosque. If you pray in Masjid e Nabawi, the reward is 1000 times greater. If you pray in this mosque, you will get more reward than if you pray in any other mosque.
2. Masjid-e-Quba
In 622, the Prophet Muhammad and his followers were moving from Makkah to Madina. On the way, they stopped in the village of Quba and laid the first stone of the world's first mosque.
3. Masjid-e-Qiblatain
"two Qiblas" is what the Arabic word "Qiblatain" means. It was there that God told Prophet Muhammad SAWW that the Qibla should be changed from Bait ul Muqaddas in Jerusalem to Kabah shareef in Makkah.
4. Roza Mubarak
Regarding going to Madina and doing the ziyarah (visiting the grave of the prophet (PBUH)), the prophet said, "Whoever visits me after my death is like he who visited me while I was alive." Muslims who do Hajj in Makkah and then go to Madina to see the Roza Mubarak will be rewarded as if they had done two accepted Hajjs.
5. Wadi e Jinn
It is a very interesting place, and a trip to Madina wouldn't be as exciting without a stop here. It's about 40 km away from Madina. Here, your car will keep going at 120kmph even if you turn off the engine, and when you pour water into the mud, it flows against the mud.
6. Jannat ul Baqi
This graveyard is well-known because it is where the Prophet's family and friends are buried. Everyone who went to Madina as a Muslim would want to be buried here if they died while they were there.
7. Riyaad ul Jinnah
This place is mysterious, and the Bible talks about it. Riyaad ul Jannah is Arabic for the garden of Paradise. It is between the sacred chamber and the Mimbar, and you can tell it apart by the green carpet.
8. The mountains of Uhud and Ayr
These are the two mountains that most people go to in Madina. Mount Uhud is known as the mountain of heaven because it loves us. Mount Ayr, on the other hand, is known as the mountain of hell because it hates us and we hate it.
9. The false Messiah goes to all countries except Makkah and Madina
Only Makkah and Madina will be safe from the false Messiah (Dajjal).
10. Ustuwaanah Aisha
This is where our great Prophet used to come to pray often. Also very holy is Ustuwaanah Aisha.
The places I've already mentioned are the hidden secrets that made this city a little bit special to Muslims. Muslim pilgrims go to this holy city every year from London with the cheapest Umrah packages in 2023.
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