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Salesforce CCM-101 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Using Search Placement or Search Rank to Change Product Order in a Category
  • Managing Synonyms and Hypernyms
Topic 2
  • Using the Storefront Toolkit to View Product Information
  • Assigning Multiple Products to a Category
Topic 3
  • Manually Changing the Order of Products in a Category
  • Configuring Catalog-Level Product Attribute Settings
Topic 4
  • Automatically Change the Search Result Order
  • Configuring Searchable Attributes
  • Editing Category Configuration
Topic 5
  • Applying a Rule with Dynamic Attributes to Change Product Order in a Category
  • Managing the Exclusion of Category Names
Topic 6
  • Configuring Catalog-Level Image Management Settings
  • Configuring Search Refinements for a Site and a Category
Topic 7
  • Using Static Customer Groups
  • Inventory Settings & Management
  • Managing Product Attributes
Topic 8
  • Managing Variation Masters and Variation Products
  • Using Dynamic Customer Groups
  • Adding a Banner to a Category
Topic 9
  • Using the Storefront Toolkit to View Search Information
  • Using Price Books to Manage Prices

>> New Salesforce CCM-101 Exam Review <<

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Salesforce Manage and Merchandise a B2C Commerce Cloud Store - Extended Sample Questions (Q175-Q180):

A business user wants to add a link to a content page from within the body of another content asset. The target content asset ID is: terms-and-conditions.
Which link function generates the correct link?

  • A. $http('Content-Page', 'cid', 'terms-and-conditions')$
  • B. $httpUrl('Content-Show', 'cid', 'terms-and-conditions')$
  • C. $url('Page-Show', 'cid', 'terms-and-conditions')$
  • D. $include('Page-Include', 'cid', 'terms-and-conditions')$

Answer: B

A developer observed a specific issue in production, which they cannot reproduce in other environments. The developer wants to do a hot fix to one of the ISML pages, which uses <iscach> tag, to see if that resolves while issue. Which consideration must the developer keep in mind while deploying the hot fix in production?

  • A. It will be required to invalidate the cache for the hot fix.
  • B. The TTL cache setting only affects static content and not the page cache, which could potentially cause he production issue.
  • C. If the page has multiple tags, the highest cache duration will be used in production to determine the resulting page's caching behavior.

Answer: B

A Digital Developer is working in a sandbox on a site named test-site using the domain The Developer needs to compile a url to make an Open Commerce API (OCAPI) request that returns product information.
By default, which URL format is a proper Open Commerce API for Sandbox?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer: B

When looking at Custom Object instances for a site, a merchant notices that the creation date is not showing up on the instances in Business Manager.
Where should the developer add this attribute to the Custom Object so it is visible for the merchant to see in Business Manager'

  • A. Mark the existing creation date attribute as visible.
  • B. Assign the current date/time to a new custom attribute, creationDate, via code.
  • C. Add the creation date to the attribute group for the Custom Object.
  • D. Add the creation date to the attributes of the Custom Object.

Answer: D

A NewsletterSubscription custom object exists that has a key attribute named email of type String and the following script code.
However, the NewsletterSubscription custom object is not persisted.
What is a possible reason?

  • A. The code shown needs to be wrapped in a try/catch block.
  • B. The code shown is the wrong syntax. The correct syntax is:
  • C. The code shown need to be wrapped in a transaction.

Answer: C



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CCM-101 Cert Exam:

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