Oracle 1z0-1046-22信息資訊 - 1z0-1046-22最新試題


Oracle 1z0-1046-22 考試大綱:

主題 1
  • Define Enterprise Structure
  • Maintain worker directories
主題 2
  • Create organizations and divisions
  • Explain Person and Employment Model
主題 3
  • Configure Directory Person Keyword Searches
  • Manage Approval Rules and Approver Types
主題 4
  • Define Calendar Events and Geography Trees
  • Use effective dating and actions

>> Oracle 1z0-1046-22信息資訊 <<

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我們VCESoft Oracle的1z0-1046-22考試的做法是最徹底的,以及最準確及時的最新的實踐檢驗,你會發現目前市場上的唯一可以有讓你第一次嘗試通過困難的信心。Oracle的1z0-1046-22考試認證在世界上任何一個國家將會得到承認,所有的國家將會一視同仁,VCESoft Oracle的1z0-1046-22認證證書不僅有助於提高你的知識和技能,也有助於你的職業生涯在不同的條件下多出一個可能性,我們VCESoft Oracle的1z0-1046-22考試認證合格使用。

最新的 Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 1z0-1046-22 免費考試真題 (Q43-Q48):

問題 #43
A Human Resource Specialist is hiring a new employee in the application. While creating the employee record, he enters personal information and employment details and, when submitting the transaction, encounters an error.
Part of the error message reads "NewPersonEmploymentApproval to NewPersonEmploymentApprovalRules_NewPersonRuleSet failed with Business Fault: null. Check the underlying fault. Check target SOA component for cause".
The Human Resource Specialist raises a service request with the internal support team. What is the cause of this error?

  • A. The BPM task NewPersonEmploymentApproval is not set up properly.
  • B. The Update Person Keyword Search process must be run before hiring a person.
  • C. A security profile needs to be defined for the human resource specialist to hire a person.
  • D. The Human Resource Specialist does not have the required privilege for the New Person Employment process.


問題 #44
You are implementing Core HR for a customer. Work timings, standard working hours, organization manager, and cost center information must be captured while setting up the work structure.
Identify the organization type against which you can maintain all these fields.

  • A. Legal Entity
  • B. Reporting Establishment
  • C. Enterprise
  • D. Division
  • E. Department
  • F. Business Unit


問題 #45
As an implementation consultant, you realize during the Requirement Gathering phase of your project that some Actions are not required.
How will you make these Actions unavailable for the end user?

  • A. Hide Actions.
  • B. Enter Action End Date.
  • C. Educate users not to use such Actions.
  • D. Delete Actions.


問題 #46
You are a human resource specialist and a workflow request is showing in your worklist notification even after you approved it (sent it to the second level approver). What are three possible causes of this behavior? (Choose three.)

  • A. The second level approver might have rejected the request.
  • B. The second level approver might have executed a pushback on the request.
  • C. The second level approver might have reassigned the request.
  • D. The second level approver might have opted for an adhoc route.
  • E. The second level approver might have approved the request.


問題 #47
There are two legal employers identified for your current application implementation. The legal employers have inherited the number-generation method set at enterprise level. However, there is a need to override the number-generation method at the legal employer level.
Which two options are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. No Employee or Contingent Worker work relationships should exist for that legal employer.
  • B. The employment model selected should be three-tier.
  • C. There are no conditions. The worker generation method can be changed to automatic at any time.
  • D. Manual worker-number generation for a legal employer can be selected at any time.
  • E. The employment model selected should be one-tier.


問題 #48

通過1z0-1046-22 考試不是很簡單的。通過1z0-1046-22考試需要高度專業的知識,如果你還欠缺這方面的知識,VCESoft可以為你提供知識的來源。VCESoft的專家團隊以他們的豐富的專業知識和經驗幫助你增長知識,並且給你能提供1z0-1046-22認證考試的相關練習題和答案。VCESoft會盡全力幫助你一次性通過1z0-1046-22認證考試,並且還可以鞏固你的IT專業知識。選擇了VCESoft不僅可以保證你100%通過1z0-1046-22認證考試,並且還會為你提供一年的免費的練習題和答案的更新服務。如果你考試不小心失敗了,我們保證立刻地100%全額退款給您。


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