The names of the pieces of clothing according to the opinions of fashion experts

The names of different pieces of clothing vary according to their designs, as the names of trousers, jackets, skirts (pockets) and different clothes differ according to their designs and shapes.

And new fashion appears on us from time to time, which increases the list of clothing names, then “Supermama” presents to you in this article some of the most famous names of clothing items according to fashion experts, to help you identify the names of different clothes when going shopping or when buying online. Names of different pieces of clothing The types and names of different pieces of clothing are increasing all the time. Learn with us the names of some pieces and their designs. Types of trousers and their names Bermuda design Bermuda pants are closer to the shape of shorts, but a little longer so that they cover the knee, and Bermudas are back strongly this summer to be one of the most important pieces of clothing, according to fashion experts. Bermuda pants are suitable for casual and classic looks. You can wear Bermudas with a shirt or T-shirt, open sandals, sports shoes, or high heels. Pantikur Trouser Design Pantikur is the short pants, and it is considered one of the popular and practical designs - especially in the summer season - and you can wear it in many ways, whether for a classic or casual look to go to work, the club or shopping. The fabrics used in the designs of the pantour vary, just as the designs of the pantour itself vary between wide and narrow. You can choose what you prefer and match it with shoes, clothes and accessories suitable for the occasion or the place you are going to. The design of the Charleston pants The Charleston pants are on the throne of fashion this summer, and the design of the Charleston pants is characterized by the wide legs that suit different body shapes. You can wear Charleston pants in summer and winter, and if you want to have a casual look, choose a shirt or T-shirt and sports shoes or "sandals" with the appropriate accessories, but if you want a classic look, wear with the pants a classic shirt and high-heeled shoes. Baggy pants design The baggy pants design spread in the eighties and reappeared in the summer of 2019. The baggy pants design is characterized by its large side pockets and comfortable wide legs, and you can wear it when you go to the club or for daily walks. The design of the skinny pants The design of the skinny pants with narrow legs is one of the popular designs in a variety of shapes. There are skinny jeans, fabric, leather, embossed, and a solid color. In fact, skinny pants do not suit all body shapes because it shows the flaws of the full body, and skinny pants are more suitable for casual looks than classic ones, so it is not preferable to choose them to appear in a formal look. Read also: Pictures.. Types of jeans and their names Different types of jackets Cardigan design The cardigan is an indispensable piece of clothing in the wardrobe of veiled and non-veiled women, as it can be worn in different ways to obtain distinctive looks. You can wear the cardigan over a dress, skirt, or pants, and it suits both formal and informal looks. Blazer design The blazer is found in every woman's wardrobe, as it is one of the essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that is indispensable. The blazer design is suitable for all looks, as you can wear it with classic trousers for a formal look, or with jeans and sneakers for casual looks. Kimono design The kimono design is one of the attractive designs inspired by the Japanese traditional costume. The design of the kimono is usually wide, with wide sleeves and a medium length. Kimonos are suitable for casual looks, and you can wear them with jeans, a T-shirt and sandals for going to the club or for daily outings. Types of Pockets Pleated Skirt Design Pleated fabric is one of the popular fabrics this summer. The pleated skirt gives you different looks for more than one occasion, you can wear it in an evening with a soiree blouse or in daily walks with a jeans jacket and a T-shirt. Elaine Skirt Design The A-line Elaine skirt design is similar to the letter "A". It is a narrow design from the waist and expands as you go down. This design varies between broad, long or short below the knee, as well as between embossed and solid color. This design is one of the popular designs that are feminine and never out of fashion, and can be worn for different looks, whether formal or informal. Read also: A distinctive assortment of skirts for modern hijab looks Finally, after we got to know the names of the different pieces of clothing, always make sure to choose what suits you from these designs to always appear with a radiant look, and stay away from designs that may show your body flaws or that do not suit you in general.




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