Global Ethanol Prices Online

North America

In the last quarter of 2022, mixed price dynamics were observed in the North American market on account of production capacity and demand strength. The Ethanol prices increased towards the mid-quarter as the production capacity increased and the stock was low. The employment rate declined, and the inflation rate remained persistently higher in the country, impacting the final prices. The feedstock prices were also high during the food crisis and high energy costs. Towards the quarter's end, the stockpile increased, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Christmas and New Year holidays, along with the disruption caused by the storm Elliot, declined the overall Ethanol market prices. The demand for Ethanol for gasoline production remained moderate in the regional market.


Asia Pacific

The overall market dynamics of Ethanol in the Asia-Pacific market remained stable throughout the fourth quarter of 2022. The Chinese market witnessed a hike in COVID infection cases, hampering the production capacity in the domestic market. Major financial hubs of the country halted production amidst the economic disruption in the country. Towards the quarter's end, Ethanol prices rebounded as the production cost increased. Commodity prices increased, and the demand for the product for biofuel production became moderate. The energy cost in the regional market soared along with the coal prices in the Asian market throughout the quarter, proportionally impacting the final prices of Ethanol. Restricted movement and New year holidays in the country impacted the final production cost of Ethanol in the Asian market. 



In the European market, the market prices of Ethanol followed the northward momentum in Q4 of 2022. Economic uncertainty remained continuous in the European market leading to high inflation rates and energy prices proportionally impacting the production cost of Ethanol. The EU focused more on producing sugar and fulfilling the food shortage in the country. Importing prices of Ethanol in the country increased from Germany, and end users showcased a stable market trend. With increasing energy prices, the demand for Ethanol-blended fuel remained on a positive edge; hence, the final prices in the last quarter followed the northward momentum.


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