Global Betamethasone Prices Online

North America

The final quarter of 2022 started positively for the North American Betamethasone Prices, with prices settling at USD 1050000/MT in October. Shortage of stock coupled with soaring demand from the downstream pharmaceutical industry for the product were the main causes at the back of the price increase. Many Chinese API production facilities were shut down due to the Golden Week Holiday during the first week of October, significantly reducing imports into the US. However, these values eventually decreased from the start of the H2 of Q4 and were assembled at USD 995000/MT in December. Demand from the downstream sector declined during H2 as downstream entities were in a solid wait-and-see attitude, forcing US suppliers to cut their prices to increase orders.

Asia- Pacific

The Betamethasone market in the Asia Pacific region showed sluggish market sentiment during the fourth quarter of 2022, with prices falling from USD 920350/MT in October to USD 896500/MT in December. A modest pace of contraction in the manufacturing sector this month was caused by the Golden week closure of industrial facilities in China from October 1 to October 7. After returning from the Long Week Holiday, the Prices of Betamethasone was underwhelming. Following that, production, operations, and logistics were uncertain as a result of the continued lockdown measures in some regions of China caused by an increase in COVID-19 cases. Slow purchasing practices were seen due to weak demand from pharmaceutical sectors for Betamethasone as buyers had a strong wait-and-see mentality, which resulted in a declining price trend.


The market fundamentals for Betamethasone in Europe were comparable to those in North America in the Q4 of 2022. However, CFR prices tended to rise to USD 999700/MT in the first half of the quarter. The reason behind the surge was a persistent demand from end-user sectors backed by a shortage of product inventories in the German domestic market amid lesser imports from China. Later in the second half, prices dropped and had reached USD 961500/MT by the end of December. In this period, players reported few inquiries from end-user pharmaceutical industries due to the sluggish demand and sufficient inventories of products in the German market. The reason behind the accumulation was that domestic merchants had excessive imports from Asia as Chinese traders reduced price quotations, due to which German buyers placed their orders in advance.

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