Kwikset’s latest smart lock recognizes your fingerprint

Kwikset’s latest smart lock recognizes your fingerprint

Forget using an app or security code to access your smart lock -- Kwikset's new Halo Touch smart lock is fingerprint-enabled. The device stores up to 100 fingerprints from 50 users and offers one-touch locking and unlocking.To get more news about smart lock with fingerprint, you can visit official website.

Halo Touch connects directly to the building's WiFi, and homeowners should be able to install the lock themselves. It can be controlled and monitored through the free Kwikset app, which offers lock notifications and shows activity. Thanks to the app, you won't need a third-party hub or subscription. Halo Touch also works with Google Home and Alexa. Similar to other devices with biometric log-ins (your MacBook Pro, say), the fingerprints are stored on the device itself, not in the cloud. In case any of this tech fails, the lock does come with a physical key as a failsafe.
Kwikset has been developing smart locks for a decade, and this time last year, the company unveiled its first WiFi-enabled, Home Kit-compatible lock. Halo Touch makes sense as an addition to the larger lineup. It will be available sometime this year, though it's not clear when.It will come in three finishes: nickel, bronze and black.
Introducing a smart lock with a biometric fingerprint reader. We are already used to using the fingerprint when unlocking smartphones or other devices, so the door can be unlocked quickly, safely and conveniently (additionally it can be unlocked with a remote control or smartphone application).

The advantages of such a smart door lock:

Sturdy, durable and stylish looking body.
The biometric fingerprint reader meets the requirements of the level of banking security.
Only fingerprint scanning, copy protection or other forgery is used.
Scans 999 different fingerprints (3 admin + 996 users). This is more than enough for all family members or office workers. From experience, we recommend signing up for the fingerprints of both hands, you will feel how convenient it is when you return with your purchases.
No wires are required for the lock to work, only 3 AAA batteries last for at least a year. The lock will warn you about low batteries in advance.
The door lock is adapted to outdoor and indoor conditions.
The fingerprint scanner is rightly called one of the technologies of the future that is becoming more widely used in customization and security systems. Doubts are still often heard about the slightly different design of the lock than usual, but we can assure you that a lot of attention was paid not only to functionality, security, but also to the design.

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