SMSF Home Loans: Basic Things You Need to Know

Australians are now taking better control of retirement planning and making the switch to self-managed super funds. Since the introduction of LRBA in 2010, super fund trustees can now borrow the funds for making an investment in residential or commercial properties easily. Thus, getting SMSF home loans is extremely easy. But you must stay aware of the criteria and other important details to complete the process easily.


Borrowing Criteria

SMSF property loans are highly regulated and come with certain lending criteria that will be a lot strict than the individuals who apply for a basic home loan. The tight regulations limit the recourse of the lender to the security asset only. This minimises the risk of any super annunciation fund in case of default on a loan.

For this, it is important to establish a separate property trustee and trust for holding the property on behalf of the superfund. All the expenses and income of the property go through the superfund bank account. When the fund fails to make the repayments on time, the lender only will have the property held in a separate trust as a recovery. He won’t be able to access the remaining assets of the superfund. To avoid default, SMSF must always have the money to meet the loan repayment requirements. It can be funded by the super annunciation contribution or the rental income on the property.


What type of properties qualifies for SMSF?


You can easily get an SMSF loan for property to make the investment in a residential or commercial option, provided the sole purpose of the loan is to ensure retirement benefits to the members of the fund. In simple words, you cannot live in the property that you have purchased through the SMSF loan.

In order to pass the criteria, the investment property

  • Must be well maintained to ensure good retirement benefits for the beneficiaries and the members.
  • Cannot be the residence used by the associates, friends or family of the fund member.
  • Cannot be purchased from anyone who is associated with the fund member.
  • Cannot be taken on a rental purpose by a person related to the fund member.
  • The commercial property used mainly for business purposes can, however, be leased back to the fund member or someone from the member community. But there are certain conditions for commercial property investment.
  • The tenant agreement must be commercially comparative. This means the rent payment from the property must be in keeping with the current rental market.
  • SMS regulations state that the property must be valued at regular intervals.

It is important that you carefully consider the impact you can have by taking an SMSF commercial loan. No doubt, all of the investment options come with a certain risk, especially when borrowing to make the investment. But analysing the deal and comparing all the other aspects is important to make the right decision for your case. You can even choose to take help from someone who specialises in the same for better assistance.


Get The Best Help

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