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Barriers to healthcare are obstacles within the U.S healthcare system that prevent the populations from accessing necessary healthcare services. Such barriers are majorly experienced by low-class migrant workers in the U.S. Written by the memo writing services

Possible Barriers to Healthcare among Migrant Workers

Migrant workers face several challenges in accessing healthcare services which cause disparities in clinical outcomes and health status. They include (a) a lack of insurance covers, transportation, and access to sick leave opportunities while being at work; (b) the risk and fear of job or wage loss and fear of legal implications especially for the non-documented migrants; (c) low income that barely satisfies their basic needs; limited medical clinic hours in the rural areas where a number of clinics do not work 24 hours; language barriers between the migrants and healthcare providers that prevent information from spreading (Dwyer, 2006).

It is noted that most migrant workers are often not enrolled in assistance programs because of not meeting residency requirements enforced by the state, thus they are unable to seek such services (Dwyer, 2006). This is a major barrier that makes them incapable of proving claims for compensation, social security, or other work related benefits because many employers do not report on wages of migrant workers.

Ways to Eliminate or Minimize These Barriers

The discussed healthcare barriers can be minimized by the creation of a stronger public health system and health cover like the Obama Care. As a nurse, improving education among the migrant workers by educating on detection, prevention, control, and treatment of diseases at their workplaces, homes, or community centers can be a beneficial measure in eliminating these barriers (Dwyer, 2006). Availability of more community nurses will help to offer services at home even when clinics are closed. Therefore, health covers should be offered to the migrants while using community interpreters to eliminate language barrier problems.


A migrant worker often faces several barriers in relation to accessing healthcare in the U.S. This paper highlighted some of the barriers and ways of minimizing them.


Dwyer J. M. (2006). Access to health care among Mexican and Central American migrant workers in northwest Florida: Description of needed care and barriers. The Florida State University, College of Nursing. Retrieved from final.pdf

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