Top Erogenous zones in male escorts for better sex sessions

Erogenous zones play an important role in reaching arousal. Some body parts are more sensitive than others and so, they feel more ticklish than others. If you also want to enjoy better sex sessions with your male escort then playing with his top erogenous zones will be the best thing to do. In this article, you will find the list of top erogenous zones of male escorts, just go through them and get ready to enjoy better sex session with your companion:

Scalp: It consists of a lot of nerve endings and so, it is a little bit more sensitive place than your hair. You just need to simply play around his scalp and also, if you want, you can gently play around his ear or just play with the back of his neck. You have to just kiss his head and then only, both of you will be able to explore real sensual pleasures with him for the best passionate and exotic moments.

Inner thigh: Penis always playsan important role and always steals the sizzling sessions. But if you want to build anticipation then playing around his inner thigh will be the best thing to do. You need to try to just divert your focus from his penis and play around his inner thigh for reaching a great level of orgasms.

Back of the knees: The back of the knees is considered to be the most sensitive place and so, for increasing arousal, you need to provide him with a great sexual massage. You need to also approach your male escort by simply using your fingers for enjoying sensational pleasures or just, or you can use some feather-soft for experiencing the best passionate sex sessions.

Nipples: There are various times when the nipples of male escorts are avoided but you should not do the same mistake. Just, try to play around with his nipples, and you should also kiss them in the most sensual way. You can also use your fingertips for enjoying the best sensual sessions, so just connect with your male partner for having great sessions.

Anus: You should try to stimulate the G-spot of your male partner carefully and if stimulated correctly, then both of you can have a great time with each other. Also, you can use good quality lubes for experiencing the best passionate pleasures and entertainment!

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