Dear reader.. Welcome, in this article we talk about the types

Dear reader.. Welcome, in this article we talk about the types of elevator doors and the appropriate size for each type, so that you can choose the appropriate size according to the required specifications and within the available budget.

With the great engineering development in the fields of construction and construction, the proliferation of buildings called towers as well as skyscrapers, and the expansion of businesses and projects, there was an urgent need to install elevators of all kinds.

In order to be able to identify the types of elevator doors, we must first identify the types of elevators. Where there are multiple divisions of elevators as follows:

First: the division of elevators according to their use and purpose, and they are divided into:

Individual elevators: as in traditional residential buildings and towers.
Goods elevators: as in large factories, hospitals, ports, and others.
Food elevators: as in hospitals, hotels and tourist villages.
Business elevators, facilities, and others.
Second: The division of elevators according to installation:

Elevators in the engine room MR Lift.
Elevators without engine room MRL Lift.
Hydraulic lifts.
Smart Lifts.
Dumb waiter Lift.
The importance of doors in elevators

Elevator doors are considered one of the most important and accurate parts that must be taken care of, for several reasons:

Because it is an essential and complementary part of the installation of the body of any elevator.
It is considered one of the safety elements that must be taken care of.
In addition, it is one of the moving parts and is frequently used with the use of the elevator in general.
And because it is one of the first parts to be damaged and needs periodic maintenance.
Types of elevators in terms of installing doors:

Elevators can be divided into two main types:

First: Elevators with doors: such as elevators for people and goods, and elevators for food, whether they are electric, hydraulic or smart.

Second: Elevators without doors: such as private and business elevators.

Types of elevator doors
Automatic doors: These are the doors that open directly when requested automatically. You do not need to manually pull or push when the elevator arrives. This type of door is divided into:
Telescopic door: It is for the door to have two leaves that open in one direction, and this type of door is suitable for narrow spaces, and the width of the elevator door must not be less than 75 cm so that this type of door can be used.
Center door: It means that the door has two leaves that open from the middle (the center), each door opens in a different direction from the other, and the width of the elevator door must not be less than 95 cm to choose this type of door.
Semi-automatic doors: These doors are of a low degree, but they are practical and require you to open the door with your hand to enter the elevator. It can be installed in almost any size, and it closes with an automatic lock as soon as the elevators move.
Manual doors: They are doors that are not linked to any technology and are usually used in workplaces and in food elevators. They can be opened in a horizontal or vertical direction, and they can also be installed to any size.


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