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Obesity and Body Sculpting Sanford sedentary lifestyles are becoming the cause for major health problems worldwide and particularly in the United States. People can find many ways to reduce weight, but the fight against weight loss does not end there. After excessive weight loss and weight reducing surgery the skin looses its elasticity and the once stretched skin cannot conform to the reduced body form.




Surgical Body Contouring Sanford is a procedure which reshapes and tones the body tissues and removes excess fat and sagging skin which results from excessive weight loss and weight reducing surgery.




The procedure one can opt for is called body contouring. This procedure takes away the excess tissue and fat from the inside surface of the skin, thereby shaping and toning the body. Todays plastic surgeons are more skilled and technologically advanced than those working in the 1980-90s.





Patients who have attended and been successful with weight loss programs normally opt for this procedure in a bid to smoothen and tone the body. There are advanced techniques available that are routine to adept and experienced plastic surgeons. They combine procedures like excision and liposuction thereby conduct the surgery in an effortless manner, drastically reducing the possible complications.




For patients wanting to gain the self respect in society and lose the stigma of obesity, it is necessary to finish their weight loss procedure with body contouring. Contouring has to be done especially in body parts which sag most after weight loss. These include the arms, abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks.




Body contouring also has a positive impact on weight and heart heart. With a couple of procedures an experienced surgeon can conduct this procedure effectively with minimal visible scars thereby giving the patients a huge confidence boost. It is preferred by most of the surgeons to go in for multiple small procedures, rather than one large one. Sometimes even more than one surgeon work on the patient simultaneously.




Various websites on the internet provide information on specialists who conduct this procedure. It is important to do thorough research before settling down on the right person. The surgeon should be proficient enough to advise the patient in the right direction. Most common surgery conducted on patients in America involves the lifting of the lower body like abdomen, thighs, buttocks according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.




Upper body lift is also very popular. Breast lift and arm lifts involve removing excess skin in the upper arm. Patient should be careful in not putting on weight after the procedure. This will result in great stress for the skin due to its having lost elasticity, and skin in the other parts will tend to sag more. It is better to also stabilize weight loss before going in for body contouring.




According to some of the top surgeons performing this procedure, people who have a high body mass index are likely to have more complications because of this procedure. Complications include prolonged swelling, pain, loss of skin and discoloration, scarring, seroma which is formation of lump due to accumulation of fluid, infection, and bleeding.

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