Launch your DeFi-based DEX Exchange platform like Opensea clone script

Opensea clone script is a ready-to-deploy, multi-tested, and white-label NFT marketplace built over a blockchain network that enables users to start the largest NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. Our Opensea white-label script is similar to the Opensea marketplace which includes all the crucial features and functionalities of Opensea like NFT creation, buying and selling, bidding, auctions, and more. Our Opensea clone script can be built over any of the prominent blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc.

Features of Opensea clone script


The NFT marketplace is designed with the greatest storefront, which shows the specifics of the NFT marketplace as well as all the information required about an NFT.


Recent NFT marketplaces have multi-chain interoperability, which attracts users from other crypto platforms and increases NFT trade volumes.


The Opensea clone script will be linked to a number of payment gateways, including the ability to use a debit or credit card to buy NFT much like Opensea.


The platform has several wallet alternatives that enable many crypto users with different wallet holders to purchase NFTs in order to help users manage their own wallets.


The Opensea Clone is given a number of listing options where it displays all of the NFT's details so that traders may receive the information they require.


Since the beginning, the auction has been a popular feature that draws people. Adding auctions will complete your NFT marketplace.


The Opensea Clone integrates a number of APIs that help your business grow, and other APIs can be integrated according to your needs.


The advanced filter feature built into the Opensea website script makes it easier for users to quickly select the ideal NFT of their choosing.


The Marketplace is built with the capability of displaying statistics that showcase each NFT's performance since it was first minted on the blockchain.

Explore: Opensea clone script

Benefits of Opensea clone script

  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Multilevel Security
  • Compatibility
  • Instant Ownership Transfer
  • Guaranteed Services

Explore: Opensea clone script

Opensea clone script provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses looking to create their own NFT marketplace platform. With its pre-built features and functionalities, high level of security, and scalability, the is an excellent choice for businesses looking to tap into the growing NFT market.


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