What Is The Ideal Weather For Residential Painting Nashville?

The suitability of weather is a necessary condition for effective Residential Painting Nashville and a fine dry climate is the ideal weather for painting. This usually happens in spring, summer and fall. During this periods of the year, humidity, rains and strong winds are rare. In the not so distant past, painters waited for fine dry weather to paint houses. Hence, residential Residential Painting Nashville was a seasonal activity. However, the advancement of technology, competition and urgent need have made it possible to paint houses at any time of the year except during extreme weather conditions like heavy rains, high winds and snowy weather.
There are many places in the world where the climate is diverse and sometimes Painting Contractor Nashville . For instance, one country may have a tropical northern portion and a temperate southern region at the same time of the year. There are also places that have long winters and short summers or vice versa. Still others experience unusual rainfalls during the summer time. Painters need to brace themselves up with innovative techniques to counter the varying weather conditions in their areas so that they can stay in business the whole year round. Specifically, they need to know how to paint effectively during hot or cold weather conditions and not just depend on the ideal weather for Residential Painting Nashville.
Residential Painting Nashville during cold weather
The two most common types of paint are latex and oil. Latex is effective in temperatures not lower than 5 degrees Celsius while oil can withstand temperatures not lower than 10 degrees Celsius. Below these temperatures, high moisture levels can cause cracking, blotches, undesirable shadows or unappealing colours and significantly longer drying time. It is important to note that the temperature we speak of here applies to the temperature of the air, the substrate and the paint itself. The substrate is the object on which paint is applied.
Residential Painting Nashville during hot weather
As in cold weather, effective Residential Painting Nashville during hot weather requires the right temperature for the air, the substrate and the paint. Most painters agree that air and substrate temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius can negatively affect the proper formation of the paint film. Excessively hot conditions can also cause lap marks as well as pinholes during application while direct sunlight exposure can cause blisters on the paint film. During the hot summer months, painting can best be done in the early mornings and late afternoons. Hot paint also tends to flow unevenly resulting in lumpy or bumpy substrate surfaces.
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