Glass Dropper Bottles

We offer Glass Dropper Bottles in clear and brown. Glass Medicine Bottles With Droppers can be used for liquid chemicals packaging. 

Pharmaceutical glass bottles are the main packaging containers for health and medicines. The glass dropper bottle is a bottle cap dropper, which includes a cap, dropper, and a squeeze tip, which is connected to the dropper. 

Glass Dropper Bottles Features

The bottom of the glass medicine bottle is flat and does not shake when placed on a platform.

The connection between the bottom of the bottle and the bottle body has a rounded corner with an appropriate radius to make it naturally continuous.

The bottle mouth is round, and there is no serious deflection or necking.

The dropper is made of rubber material, and the inside of the bottle mouth is smooth.

How to Use the Glass Medicine Bottles With Dropper

The squeeze rubber head is located on the upper part of the cap, the dropper is located in the glass bottle body, and the bottom end of the dropper has a silicone hose.

The silicone hose is detachable and easy to sterilize. The silicone hose extends to the bottom of the glass bottle. When there is only residual liquid in the bottle, you can tilt the bottle body, and the silicone hose will easily penetrate into the residual liquid and suck it up the residual liquid.

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