What is the value of Refog Keylogger app?

The internet is a dangerous place, especially for children. These days, the average child first goes online at the age of 4. It’s impossible and impractical for parents to prohibit their kids from using the internet because they would effectively cut them off from the largest source of information in existence. Instead, parents should ensure that their children are not accessing inappropriate websites and chatting with potentially dangerous strangers.
Some parents decide to block access to certain websites, but it usually takes children just a short while to figure out how to circumvent the restrictions. A keylogging program is a smarter and more reliable method how to protect children online. Such a program, like refog keylogger app , discreetly monitors keyboard keystrokes, making it possible to remotely read online conversations, look at web browser history, or take screenshots.
Publicado en Technology en marzo 04 at 11:31
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