Performance of Brick Machine in Winter

Winter temperature is relatively low, how much will affect the output and performance of cement block making machine for sale, so there are good measures to avoid some problems? The answer is yes.

The specific operation is as follows:

Some need lubricating parts of the block making machine due to the influence of low temperature, lubricating oil to coagulate, by this time just need to change the lubricating oil of the low temperature resistant, had better choose base oil lubricating oil viscosity, low condensation point, low temperature, due to the heat bilges cold shrink effect, so the gap between the moving parts with lower temperature and has a tendency to shrink, so spare parts are more likely to wear in winter.

In order to make the machinery in good technical state, to ensure its reliability, improve work efficiency, extend the service life of the machinery and a series of technical measures. In the hydraulic brick machine each moving parts are coated with oil in the guide rail and guide bar it is best to use waste paper coated with butter to wrap it. Blender and automatic feeder must be cleaned. block making machine factory

High quality qt8-15 automatic brick making machine to a domestic reducer demoulding practice, USES the pulley, chain sprocket mold release, so the structure is simple, durable, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, no speed reducer leakage, and save the power, equipment in addition to the frame itself machine suspension and connection parts should be used in spring, when the vibration molding carton not only realize the pressure head, die, die core and plate vibration under four guan qi, guarantee the products of high density and uniformity, and smooth operation.

The quality of brick directly reflects the molding effect of a brick machine, which is closely related to the properties of raw materials, the rationality of the ratio, the pressure of the molding, etc., so in the process of brick making must ensure the reasonable ratio of raw materials and the effective molding pressure of the brick machine. If the raw material crushing degree is not high, the ingredients are not reasonable, the mixing is not even, then the brick will appear uneven color, burr edge thorn, not smooth and so on. And if the molding pressure of block making machine is not enough, then the stress of raw material of brick is not equal, the brick strength that presses out is not high, can appear drop Angle, fracture wait for a phenomenon, cannot ensure the quality of brick, so the effect of raw material and pressure to molding brick is very big. Price of block making machine

Because of the cold weather in north China, qt12-15 cement brick making machine in stock may not be able to produce normally in some areas. At this time, clean the upper and lower molds, smear the protective oil on the surface of the mold, and pad wood between the molds to prevent collision, extrusion damage mold. If the brick is found to bulge in the middle of the brick, the reason is that the pressure of the oil cylinder is too high, or the vibration time is too short, the upper die can not be pressed in place. The motor of the oil pump was blocked or turned hard, resulting in motor burn, the reason is that the block making machine equipment of the main pressure regulating valve regulating pressure is too large. After entering the winter temperature generally decreases, after the end of the work, the hydraulic brick machine cooler will often remain some waste water. Please drain the waste water to avoid freezing the cooler and making the hydraulic brick machine work properly.

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