How Much Does It Cost To Build Concrete Batching Plant

At present, the demand for concrete in the market is increasing day by day, so it is better for hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant factory. Nowadays, in the face of many concrete batching plant manufacturers, how to choose a cost-effective concrete batching plant? How much does it cost to build a 120 large mixing station? These are the issues that users need to care about. The relevant technical staff will give you a detailed introduction now.

120 mixing station customer installation site
[Model]: Double HZS120
[Theoretical productivity (m3 / h)]: 2 × 120m³ / h
[External dimensions (mm)]: 2 × (55885x20200x21600) mm
[Working cycle time (S)]: 120s (2 times)

hot sale hzs90 stationary concrete batching plant is not a single device but has different configurations according to production needs. The entire set of HZS120 mixing station equipment includes a double-horizontal axis JS2000 forced mixer, a batching machine, a cement silo, and a screw conveyor, a conveyor belt, and a microcomputer control room. The theoretical productivity of the HZS120 mixing station is 120m³ / h, the power of the mixing machine is 74KW, the nominal capacity of the mixer is 2000L, the number of bins of the batching machine is 2 cells, the batching capacity is 3200L, 2 × 200t, and the powder bin capacity. (0 ~ 1200) ± 1% kg, admixture weighing range and accuracy (0 ~ 50) ± 1% kg, aggregate weighing range and accuracy is 4 × 2000 ± 2%, unloading at 120 square HZS120 mixing station for one hour The material height is 3.8 meters and the total installed power is 145KW to meet the production needs. Depending on the quality of the manufacturer, the price of the HZS120 concrete mixing plant is also different. The price of different configurations of the same model of equipment is also different, which is much different.

When selecting 120 large mixing stations, users should pay attention to:

1. A cost-effective concrete batching plant is understood. Performance and price are indispensable. Don't just consider the price and ignore the technical and stability of the product. So this is especially important when choosing a cost-effective concrete batching plant. pay attention.
2. The brand effect of customized hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant. A good brand is not only because of good advertising, but more importantly, the quality is good, and the later has less trouble.
3. Understand the price of products with the same configuration of the concrete batching plants. The so-called shoppers will not suffer losses, so go and see more. This is also the necessary spirit for purchasing concrete batching plants.

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