Organisation and Preparation for removalists

You can choose to pack your own items in preparation or have your belongings packed by our professional removalists. Essentially, anything that you can do to prepare and organise will prevent excessive time and money spent. This may include:

    • Sorting out what items you may no longer need prior to the move and decluttering your home or office

    • Arranging and stacking packed cartons in dedicated areas, ready for the removalists

    • Lessening the amount of food in your pantry and fridge or freezer in the weeks leading up to move day

The Weather

Despite the weather, our removalists at TCM will continue to work through the rain or heat unless you’re wanting to reschedule. In case of slight delays, prepare as things may take longer in extreme weather. There may be possible factors that will be put into place for the safety of both clients and our removalists. For example, surfaces or items may become slippery in the rain. Additional plastic wrap or other coverings for items may be required. An alternative route for moving items with trolleys, may need to be dedicated due to mud etc. Particular attention may need to be given to cherished or vulnerable items to ensure they’re well protected from mother nature. Our team will do our best to accommodate in extreme weather. Specifically, we will be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Dissembling or Assembling of Items

You can dissemble bigger items such as bed frames, cots, trampolines, swing sets etc, in preparation or have our removalists do it for you.  Furthermore, any artwork and photo frames can be removed from walls and placed together.

At Total Care Movers, moving company Adelaidewe understand that each client and their relocation may require different needs. Whatever your requirements may be, trust that our staff at TCM will work around you in the most convenient way possible, for as many stops or locations you need to make along the way. Any help given from you or your family members prior to or on the day of the move will essentially save costs and make a quicker turn around at each of the locations for our removalists. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff who are dedicated to assist in relocating at multiple stops in a timely manner whilst meeting budget requests.

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