MRT Food Sensitivity and Wheat Zoomer Test


The MRT food sensitivity test is a blood test that can determine whether you are intolerant to certain foods. This test measures the immune response caused by eating a particular food. You will be given a small amount of the food in question and then your blood will be collected at various intervals to see how your body reacts to it. The results are compared with those of other people who have taken the same test to see how your body compares to others. The main benefit of this test is that it can identify which foods may cause an allergic reaction or intolerance, so you will know what foods to avoid in the future. The Wheat Zoomer Test is a rapid test for the detection of water hardness in wheat. It uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and starch to indicate the level of water hardness in wheat. To know more visit our official website The Dr. and you can also buy Fix Your brain Book, Biocidin drop, and many more. Fix Your Brain is a book that combines neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality to help you live a more successful life.
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