Bet on Super Bowl MVP

One of the more popular prop bets for betting on the Superbowl is betting on who will receive MVP honors for the big game. Betting on the Superbowl MVP can be rewarding if you pick a long shot who comes through with a big game. The online sports betting sites will give a list of players who you can bet on, along with their odds, and you can choose one of the players listed or have the option of choosing “other player” (which isn’t too likely as they usually have 20+ of the top players listed).

You can bet on MVPs and other prop bets at the best American sportsbook

Superbowl 49 MVP Betting Odds:

Tom Brady (+150)
Russel Wilson (+300)
Marshawn Lynch (+375)


Example of the odds when you bet on Super Bowl MVP winner: Players will be given odds such as +300, +650 +2000, etc. These odds represent the payout you will receive if you bet on them and they win the MVP trophy. If the odds were +300 that would mean that a $10 bet would pay out $30 in profits ($40 total), and a $100 bet would pay out $300 in profits. If the MVP odds were +10000 it would mean a $10 bet would payout $200 in profits, or a $100 bet would pay out $2000.

Calculating your possible winnings for your bet on the Superbowl MVP is quite simple as you can see, but you wont even be required to do any math, as the sportsbooks do all the work for you.

Best Superbowl MVP Betting Site


If you are interested in betting on the Superbowl MVP I recommend betting at Sportsbook is the most popular betting site, and work very hard for their bettors during the weeks leading up to the Superbowl. You will find a huge variety of prop bets for the Superbowl, including great betting options for betting on the Superbowl MVP. Depositing money is easy at Sportsbook, and you can deposit at little as $20 for your wagers.

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