Effects of capillary micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetology technique, it is not a medical procedure, and it is mainly based on the injection of pigments inside the scalp.
Color tone and inclination may vary. It has the possibility of giving an effect of depth and texture as if it were real.
This treatment is also known as a scalp tattoo; it is a simple procedure, but it must necessarily be carried out by an expert in micropigmentation so that the realism of the technique can be noticed.
Scalp micropigmentation is indicated for people who suffer from alopecia in certain areas of the scalp.
Those people with little hair in certain areas, are the ones who are applied capillary micropigmentation, because the little presence of hair can be noticed.
The technique of capillary micropigmentation is valid for women and men, the results are aesthetic, positive and manage to go unnoticed.
What is hair micropigmentation?
Capillary micropigmentation consists of the recreation of the hair through micro points, this shading effect will simulate the presence of hair on the scalp.
The instrument used in this process is very similar to a tattoo machine, professionals are in charge of drawing tiny dots on the epidermis with natural pigments.
In most of the pigments, the black color is used, but this degrades according to the skin tone and each person. Usually a light, medium and dark black is used.
Scalp micropigmentation of the beard and eyebrows have a process similar to that performed on the scalp. There are numerous SMP clinics that offer results at a low price compared to hair transplantation. Of course, the results will not be the same or equally permanent.
Effects of capillary micropigmentation
There are two types of micropigmentation effect shaved and shadow effect.
– Shaved effect: this effect is applied to people who do not have an area clear enough to perform a hair transplant. The objective is to recreate a shaved effect in the area with alopecia, thus giving the impression that the person has shaved hair.
– Shaded effect: it is an effect that professionals use when people have little hair density, however, they keep their hair.
As in the shaved effect, shading is created to enhance the existing hair, thus concealing the contrast of the scalp and resembling more hair.
This allows people to keep their natural haircut, but at the same time hide the scalp with shading.
Remember that little by little the pigments lose their color, this happens progressively, so over time it is important to carry out a capillary micropigmentation session in order to recover the desired effect.
Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation
This technique has some advantages, apart from offering an appearance of more capillary density, these effects allow people to improve their physical appearance.
The prices are cheaper:
Especially when we compare it with a hair implant, or the purchase of wigs. Although it is true, this procedure lasts approximately 2 to 5 years.
It is a safe technique:
This technique does not require medical examinations or post-operative rest, and it is not a painful procedure either, since it is not an invasive surgery, which requires certain hours in an operating room.
What is sought when introducing the pigments is that the body absorbs and penetrates them to give the sensation of covered hair?
The effects are noticeable: the results of this type of procedure are visible from the first session, a certain degree of gradient can be applied.
It does not require much care: as we mentioned, when applying hair micropigmentation, you only need to apply a neutral shampoo, to prevent other chemicals from producing an adverse reaction.
On the other hand, we recommend not doing physical activity for a short period of time, nor should you submerge your head in water or rub the area with cloth.
The aesthetic effects are favorable:
Thanks to this technique it is much easier to perform interventions with greater precision and that the results are satisfactory.
Men are much more likely to lose hair, if you are looking for unbeatable results, we recommend a hair transplant, due to the result and aesthetics.
The cheap option against alopecia will be a hair micropigmentation treatment that in the long run can offer doubtful and unsightly results.
Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your thinning hair? Scalp micropigmentation treatment provide by Dr. Jyoti Patil in Vadodara may be the solution you've been looking for!
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