Ideas On How To Remodel Your Home Using Custom Brickwork Nashville Materials

Masonry Materials


There are different ways you can remodel your home with Custom Brickwork Nashville materials. The benefit of using such strong materials is that your investment will last you more than a lifetime. Masonry materials are materials that are built or installed with mortar of some sort. There are numerous ways to remodel the exterior of your home with these types of materials keeping a low budget. Using brick, stone, manufactured stone, and stucco will give your home a needed updated look without having to go through the troubles of demolition. This article we help you decide what type of material you would like to use for your home.



Brick for your home



If you like the look and texture of brick Masonry Contractor Nashville you will find that it's not hard to incorporate it to your current design of your home. If your home currently has a brick exterior you can add certain brick detail to give it a completely different look. You can add some flower planters to your home using the same type of brick on your house or even a nice brick mailbox if you do not already have one. Some brick homes have a nice entree way and could enhance it by installing a self-sustaining brick arch on the entree point.



You can also go as far as installing a brick sidewalk on top of your current one with a nice basket weave design and have small brick columns next to the sidewalk to accent the brick. Some popular ideas for your backyard would be an outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace. These are some great and easy ideas without having to do any type of demolition using brick as your material. The price of brick can range anywhere from.30 to 1.50 a brick depending on the brand and quantity you are in need of.




Stone and manufactured stone projects



Natural stone can be used the exact same way that you can with brick such as mailboxes, floors, flower planters, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. The cost of stone is usually measured by weight ranging anywhere from.10 a pound to 1.00 depending on the type of stone you need. Manufactured stone is a great manmade material made out of a mixture on concrete.



The designs and textures of this type of stone are plentiful because it's manmade and can be manipulated to look like any natural stone. The application of this stone can be applied on top of almost any home's exterior. Manufactured stone is installed on top of wood using a metal wire mesh material and can also be installed on top of masonry materials like brick or block by applying a layer of mortar on top of the existing material. You can completely change the entire look of your home by using manufactured stone.


Using Stucco


Stucco is a lot like manufactured stone when it comes to installing it. It can be installed on top of brick or wood using a metal wire mesh, but since this material is almost like paint it will always need a sturdy material to be applied on top of. The sky is the limit when it comes to colors you can use and applying it to the entire house should not pose a big challenge.



Whether you choose brick, stone, manufactured stone, or stucco you can trust that it will last a long time. You can use a combination of all of these materials for a classy or old fashioned look that will leave neighbors envious. It's always recommended to have a masonry contractor help you with the design and installation of these materials.

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