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At present, the development of the asphalt industry in China is more and more rapid, the use of a very wide range, and LB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant made in china industry is also developed together, this paper is followed by the asphalt mixing plant to simply analyze the current situation of the asphalt industry.

There are many factors influencing the development of the asphalt industry, among which the upstream industry is one of the factors with greater influence. The upstream industry of the asphalt industry includes petrochemical industry, coal and modification, etc. The fluctuation of crude oil price and the change of crude oil processing capacity in the upstream industry will directly affect the output and price of asphalt industry.

The downstream industry of asphalt industry will also bring great influence to the asphalt industry. Among all the downstream industries, the amount of asphalt consumed in highway construction accounts for almost 80% of the total asphalt consumption in China, and it is not difficult to see that the increase in demand from the downstream industry can promote the development of the asphalt industry and also promote the price rise.

LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant manufacturer believe that the overall development of China's asphalt industry is still relatively good, but compared with imported asphalt, China's asphalt quality and technology is at a disadvantage, so the price is slightly lower than imported asphalt. As for road construction, the construction period is relatively long, usually around three to four years, and the application of asphalt is generally at the end of construction, so it is normal for the asphalt industry to have a period of fluctuation.

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