SureCo, CEO Matthew Kim’s Interview

His first job in the healthcare field was with United Group Associates, a Blackstone company and one of the largest healthcare brokerages in the country. Even though he didn’t have a long-tail view of the healthcare market, he noticed the inefficiencies. Shortly after his team made the top 10 list in the company, another agent joined me to form our own brokerage, Bayside Insurance Associates. There training prioritized in-person meetings. However, as we digitized, the leads started coming from all over the state, so they had to evolve from phone to fax to email to DocuSign. They were so cheap we didn’t even buy a second phone and had to share. Unfortunately, with the passage of the ACA, our commission dropped from 20% to 2%. Nevertheless, the friendships and partnerships remained, and they ultimately launched SureCo.

Employee wellness is critical to the employee’s journey in an organization. Consider the Great Resignation. People are willing to leave their jobs if they aren’t happy and content with all facets of the company – especially healthcare. SureCo’s Enrollment Platform, paired with key legislative changes, can help employees personalize their coverage and select the doctors and specialties that can address their unique health needs. They’ll have the power to compare health insurance plans based on price, plan type, or depth of coverage, allowing them to enjoy the highest caliber of health benefits, enhancing coverage and care outcomes.

Benefits are a major factor when people assess a potential employer. Nevertheless, because of the limited nature of healthcare coverage or the one-size-fits-all paradigm, companies struggle to attract and retain top talents. Trends like distributed teams and remote work have also made engagement a challenge. However, by leveraging a platform like SureCo’s, businesses can strategically position themselves to stand out amongst the competition looking to recruit from the same talent pool. Plus, enabling employees to evaluate options and choose their healthcare plan will boost engagement, improve productivity and strengthen trust in the organization while serving as a powerful tool for talent acquisition.

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