Tips to optimize your website for local search

The 21st century can easily be called the digital century. Whether we want to book a cab or order groceries, the first thing we do is pick up our mobile phones. Thus, it is not surprising that most of the patients that look for a new doctor or a dentist rely on the internet for finding one. Around 75% of patients make online searches when trying to find a dentist. This is exactly why you need to hire a dental SEO Agency


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows providers and patients to connect with each other. As the name suggests, SEO entails a number of practices that make it possible for your website to appear in the relevant search results when a patient makes a search. When your website appears in these search results, it creates a huge opportunity for patient acquisition. However, SEO is not something that just happens. You need to make use of a number of whitehat strategies over a course of a few months for results to show up. This is precisely why you need to hire adental SEO company to help you with the patient acquisition as well as retention. 


Strategies to help you optimize your website for local searches 


When it comes to dental practices, most patients that visit you are likely to be local residents. This means that your marketing needs to target local residents rather than someone who lives hundreds of miles away. Local search can be defined as a search that focuses on a specific geographic area. When searching for a dentist, most people are going to look for one nearby and this is exactly why you need to optimize your website for local searches with the help of a Dental SEO Marketing company. The following are some tips that can help: 

Claim Ownership of Your Practice on Online Directories 

Google My Business profile is one of the most important listings for any business. Whether we like it or not, Google has pretty much monopolized the search market. If someone is looking for a dentist, they will probably search on Google. Google My Business is also the listing that most patients trust and read reviews on. Apart from GMB, there are several other online directories as well. So go check out these directories and claim ownership of your practice’s profile. 

Ensure accuracy and consistency 

Once you’ve claimed ownership, you need to ensure that your NAP details are consistent and accurate across all listings. And these details should match the details on your website. This makes sure that the search engines trust this information and they then present it to their users making it easier for them to get in touch with you. 

Update your Listings Regularly 

Like most things digital, business listings are not static either. You need to update them regularly to ensure accuracy and consistency. Similarly, you need to update the necessary keywords on the listings just as you would for the content on your website. For this, you can hire a company that specializes in dental SEO services



When you hire a company that specializes in SEO services for dentists, one of the first steps that they take is optimizing for local searches by claiming healthcare directories and listings. You can rely on the marketing company and focus on the aspect of running a practice that you excel in, that is, providing high-quality services to your patients. 

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