Cavitation + Vacuum Massage in an Optional Area

It's time to get your body ready for the spa! Look Perfect this summer with Cavitation + Vacuum Massage at a great price!
The voucher includes:
Cavitation and vacuum massage in the optional area:
You can choose from: hips (front or back), seat, straps or calves;
Duration 40 - 50 min.
Cavitation is an ultrasonic wave that acts through the skin and leads to a decrease in the volume of fatty tissue. The effect of cavitation makes the fatty tissue softer, separates it from other tissues and allows the resulting fluid to be easily expelled from the body. The ultrasonic waves of cavitation are transmitted to the adipose tissues by ultrasonic massage.
Vacuum massage improves blood circulation in the working area and stimulates lymphatic circulation, thus ensuring more effective results without the formation of local fluid retention.
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