16 Tips to Get YouTube Subscribers Exponentially

Creating great videos and posting them to YouTube does not guarantee viewers. You need to get your videos ranked higher in the search results for viewers to find them. The best way to do that is to get more views, which is the main concern here. Increasing the number of subscribers you have can enhance your videos’ views on YouTube. Here are 16 tips about how to get YouTube subscribers exponentially.
    1. 1. Post more videos to your YouTube channel. People are more likely to subscribe to a channel that has at least 10 to 20 videos.
    2. Add annotations to your videos using the ‘Edit Annotations’ feature you see when uploading a video. Insert an annotated button into your video prompting viewers to subscribe to your channel.
    3. Comment on videos posted on other channels that are similar to yours. More people might click on your display name and go through to your channel
    4. Never deny a friend request on YouTube. Virtually every YouTube friend you have is a subscriber.
    5. Insert watermarks in your YouTube videos. You might need to download sophisticated video editing software for this. You can add the logo or name of your brand to the videos. This lends it more credibility and compels viewers to check your channel out.
    6. Use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to create a buzz about your YouTube channel. Post videos there and get people to ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ your content.
    7. Customize the design and layout of your YouTube channel, making it specific to your brand. There are many websites that offer you custom YouTube channel backgrounds you can use.
    8. Follow a schedule for posting videos on YouTube. Instead of uploading videos randomly, you can upload three videos a week or one video every 3 days.
    9. Add the link to your YouTube channel/page on your website as well as any social networking pages you have created.
    10. Create catchy video titles. Don’t just caption the obvious. Highlight what the video is about by asking a question in the title and revealing the answer through the video.
    11. You also need to think about the tags you add to your video. The tags virtually describe what the video is about so make sure you select some accordingly.
    12. Develop a custom logo for your YouTube channel. It could tie in to your business branding while helping you build credibility on the video-sharing website which attracts more subscribers.
    13. Keep your videos to the point. They don’t necessarily have to be short. The length doesn’t matter as long as the videos are engaging and offer great content. This often convinces people to view more videos on the same channel.
    14. Improve the production value and quality of your videos by using sound and visual effects and getting them created by professionals. People are drawn towards sleek videos which could help you increase YouTube subscribers.
    15. Reply to each and every comment, friend request, request acceptance and video response you get on your channel. This often prompts the user to subscribe to your channel.
    16. Whatever happens, you shouldn’t appear desperate to attract subscribers. Following the tips to get YouTube subscribers will enable you to get the results you are looking for so you don’t need to beg people to get them to subscribe.
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