Various Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, often known as ED, is without a doubt the sickness or illness that is ruining the lives of men, especially their sex lives. You might not realize the true scope of the issue if you are not an adult guy yet because it literally is a male disorder. Men who are adults may find it difficult to understand the true hardship associated with having erectile dysfunction if they are not in a sexual relationship. This is most common for those in relationships of any kind because erectile dysfunction can adversely harm relationships of this nature if it persists for an extended period of time.

But erectile dysfunction isn't something that just appeared out of nowhere; occasionally, as we'll learn later in the piece, it's the result of our own blunders. Men must rely on medications like Levitra and Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 200) because of this (Vardenafil hcl). Because the causes are rather typical occurrences in a man's life, understanding the reasons may aid readers in avoiding repeating their errors. Thus, all guys looking for advice on how to succeed in their sex life can use this article as a preventative step.

Consuming A Poor Diet

The most frequent cause of erectile dysfunction in males, which makes them ineffective in bed, is an improper diet, which they must alter. The main issue with an unhealthy diet is consuming fast food. Fast food or foods that contain a significant amount of harmful cholesterol. It is now undeniably true that, given how popular fast food is nowadays, one cannot stop consuming it. However, cheat days are permitted even when working out, so you can give yourself a few days off in real life.

Fast food items like hamburgers, pizzas, pasta, and other items were created as snacks rather than daily meals. But regrettably, we are living in a generation where these foods are consumed for both lunch and dinner. Despite being advantageous for businesses, males do not benefit from it. Men with high cholesterol levels have worse blood flow overall, especially in the penis, which is the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Falling Victim to Addictions

It should come as no surprise that addictions are bad for someone's general lifestyle as well as their sexual life. No matter what you see in commercials, addictions are never a wise choice for your health. Men smoking cigarettes while appearing hip and sophisticated may have been in advertising; do not fall for this type of trap. Any form of addiction, whether it be to marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs, is bad for your sex life. Men who smoke and have sexual problems are positively correlated, also for the same reason. Compared to non-addicts, such guys are more prone to develop erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it would be best to avoid it if you don't have any addictions. Alcohol, unlike other addictions, has certain advantages, but when men drink it excessively, it becomes hazardous. The relationship between the mind and the organs is disturbed by excessive alcohol consumption. You'll notice that inebriated males can't walk straight for this reason. In such circumstances, some areas experience a cessation of blood flow, increasing the risk of a heart attack. Experiencing excessive stress

Too much stress in the mind is one of the most frequent causes of erectile dysfunction. An unhealthy amount of stress is never good for one's general well-being, and it can come from a variety of sources, including too much work at the office, personal problems, work-related concerns, conflicts with best friends, etc. Although these problems are prevalent in most of our lives, not everyone experiences them or turns to medications like Cialis Fildena 200 and Stendra (avanafil). One must accept the truth that stress will always be a part of life. So, wishing for a life free of stress is a pipe dream that will never come true.

Stress can have a direct impact on your sexual life. A person's dopamine levels are reduced by too much stress, which makes them depressed and ultimately results in less blood flowing into their penis. The poor performance brought on by stress for a few days is OK, but if the stress persists, that becomes harmful.

Obesity And The Sedentary Lifestyle

I know. It's likely already common knowledge to you that being overweight is unhealthy. But did you know that your body converts testosterone to estrogen as a result of being overweight? This is one of the reasons why scientists think erectile dysfunction issues might arise from obesity and a sedentary lifestyle (i.e., little to no exercise, bad diet choices, etc.).

Thankfully, this is a fixable issue. You can start to exercise more and reduce weight with the correct assistance. Your erections will probably improve and last longer as you continue. However, always consult your doctor before beginning any diet or fitness program.


Erectile dysfunction, which is one of the medical issues a guy with diabetes frequently has to deal with, is yet another reason why a diabetes diagnosis may be so daunting. You are more prone to suffer ED if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes for a longer period of time.

The good news is that your blood sugar control actually has an impact on your risk for ED. An estimated 2% to 12% of all 40-year-old males have ED, but if you only include those with high blood sugar, that number rises to 50%. You may absolutely make erectile dysfunction brought on by diabetes a lot better or less likely to develop by according to your doctor's recommendations to control your blood sugar.

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Disease

The connection between erectile dysfunction and a man's heart health is actually rather interesting. For a time now, it has been understood that conditions like high blood pressure and excessive cholesterol can result in ED. Recent studies have however revealed that many healthy men who have erectile dysfunction go on to be diagnosed with heart disease less than five years later. Therefore, you might want your doctor to check your heart if you have ED but no other health problems. By recognizing the early warning signals, you may be able to stop heart disease before it starts.


Erectile dysfunction is one of numerous health issues linked to smoking and other tobacco usage. Smoking reduces the amount of blood flowing through your body as a whole. This includes a man's penis' blood vessels. It becomes considerably more challenging for you to get and sustain an erection if the blood flow there is reduced. Fortunately, this can be undone. Your erections will improve if you give up smoking.

Although it can be challenging, it's never too late to try to stop smoking. Even if you've already attempted quitting, assistance is always available. Is this the moment?

Side Effects of Medication

Numerous drugs, both over-the-counter and prescribed, can exacerbate or even cause erectile dysfunction. These include a few antidepressants, a few blood pressure drugs, a few antihistamines, a few treatments for acid reflux, and a few opioid painkillers. This isn't a comprehensive list, though, so if you're having erection problems and just started a new medicine, check with your pharmacist or prescribing physician to see if the two things might be related.

Remember: Excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drug usage, including marijuana, can both lead to erectile dysfunction.

Performance Anxiety and Mental Health Conditions

"Mind above matter" is a saying that you have probably heard before. Your ability to develop and maintain an erection is greatly influenced by your brain when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Your brain may struggle to produce if you're stressed out or having mental health issues.


When it comes to the causes of erectile dysfunction, they are merely the tip of the iceberg. Erectile dysfunction can occur for a variety of causes, such as adverse drug reactions. But this is only a short-term situation because the negative effects also disappear when the medication is stopped. Call the doctor if the side effects continue even after you stop taking your medication.

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