keto lemon mug cake recipe

This low carb and keto-accommodating mug cake is overflowing with lemon flavor. It's a solitary serving cake that cooks in the microwave in under two minutes.
Recently, I have truly been adoring making low carb mug cakes. At the point when I composed my mug cake cookbook* a couple of years prior, I felt like I depleted each flavor mix feasible for an ordinary mug cake. However, low carb mug cake are something else altogether and it's most certainly reignited my craving to make new mug cakes.
Up until this point I've made low carb snickerdoodle mug cake, blueberry mug cake, peanut butter mug cake, and brownie mug cake, just to give some examples. This lemon mug cake is sweet and brilliant and helps me to remember lemonade and summer.

This cake gets its lemon flavor from both lemon juice and lemon zing. The lemon juice douses into the hitter and makes the player super sodden. The lemon zing truly improves the lemon flavor all through the cake.
I energetically suggest that you require the additional moment or so it takes to grind some lemon zing for this recipe. At the point when I initially began baking a long while back, I used to constantly avoid zing with regard to recipes since I didn't think it was essential. Be that as it may, particularly with citrus recipes, it has a colossal effect. It truly balances the lemon flavor so you don't feel like you're simply eating a lemon juice cake.

This cake is made with a mix of superfine almond flour and coconut flour. The keto lemon mug cake recipe just necessities a smidgen of coconut flour, however it is vital for this recipe coming out accurately. I lean toward almond flour cakes since I find that they come out more light and sodden. Yet, a tad of coconut flour is expected to absorb the lemon juice. Coconut flour is exceptionally permeable so you really want to ensure you don't add excessively or it will make the cake dry.
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