Amy Gurske Co-founder and CEO sayhii – HRTech Interview

More and more people are falling through the cracks. Mental health is on the rise more than it ever has been, addiction is skyrocketing and our humans are struggling. I have been the individual who has fallen through the cracks. I mentioned a glass ceiling in my previous response. After 17 years with an organization, I realized there were people and barriers in the way of me succeeding. Unfortunately, it was the leadership of the team I had been on for 10 years. I received the corporate response of “work with your manager”, whom I had already lost trust in. So I left the organization. I intended to retire with that organization. After I left, I got calls from leadership asking “why did you leave”? It was a simple response, “I no longer felt like I had a seat at the table.” I knew there had to be a better, safer way to listen, but listen with the intention to act. Sayhii not only listens, but prompts you to have a conversation with someone who can hear you. We all deserve to be heard and we all deserve the opportunity for success, no matter what we’re facing.

The two largest pain points our clients have are regretted attrition and productivity. Voluntary turnover is at an all-time high, costing US companies over $1 trillion dollars annually. Low productivity costs US organizations about $1.8 billion annually. It’s not about selling more or producing more, it’s about engaging and optimizing humans to reach and exceed their goals by addressing their pressing needs. When needs are met, humans can perform and grow. When they aren’t met, humans are in a deficit and not able to perform and more pressure is put on them, causing cracks to form and people to fall through them. We can stop those cracks.

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