How to Keep Healthy This Ramadan

Millions of Muslims around the world follow the religious rule of fasting from sunrise to sunset for a whole month every year. We offer March umrah packages 2023 from the UK for British people who want to make the pilgrimage during this month to get more blessings. During the holy month of Ramadan, people often get together for feasts that include high-calorie, high-fat foods. Some people might not work out as much during the holy month of Ramadan. So, during Ramadan, it's important to pay close attention to what you eat to stay healthy and avoid gaining weight unnecessarily.
This article gives some good ideas that you can start using right away.
Dates are a traditional way to start the Iftar meal, which is also good for you. Dates are a great way to get the fibre you need every day. For Suhoor, eat lots of healthy vegetables, complex carbs like brown rice or whole wheat bread, and lean proteins like chicken breast without the skin (Sehri). Between Sehri and Iftar, don't get hungry by eating soup, vegetables, and fruits like cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and watermelon that are high in water.
  • During Iftar, eat and drink less sugary foods and drinks like cakes, milky desserts, soft drinks with carbonation, and fruit juices.
  • Eat less fatty meats and pastries made with extra margarine, and stay away from fried foods like fries and fried doughnuts. Choose white meat instead of red, and cut away any fat you can see before cooking.
  • Avoid processed meats, beef or chicken salami and sausages, pickles, salty cheeses, and sauces.
  • Take your time when you eat; gulping down large amounts of food too quickly can cause indigestion and discomfort. Stay active by doing things like going for a brisk walk in the evening.
Don't forget, as was already said, that these tips are just the tip of the iceberg. When you book one of our cheap Best December umrah packages for 2023, we'll send you a full set of instructions.
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