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For people who are wonderfully blessed and are interested with the gift of prophecy and the lives of the prophets, here is a list of highly recommended books on the same topic  Sanford Back Pain Treatment.
"Growing in the Prophetic" by Mike Bickle
For people who are eager to learn more about the gift of the prophecy as well as the people who we know as prophets, this particular book can provide some really great insights.
Mr. Bickle is a popular senior pastor of a charismatic church and has claimed to have some wonderful experience with the prophets as well as the gift of the prophecy. He recounts several personal experiences in the book and provides some wonderful insights on what really goes on the real prophets and how God raises these individuals to become actual prophets.  Sanford FL Chiropractic
"Develop Your Prophetic Gifting" by Graham Cooke For those individuals who have the desire or the belief that they are called to be prophets of God, this book can provide a wonderful tool.
The book is said to be the nuts and bolts or the very foundation on the lives of the prophets, their actual training by the Lord and how they were able to deal with their gift. This book provides all the essential facts that a person would like to know about such life, written with such simplicity and sincerity on the said topic.
"Elijah Among Us: Understanding and Responding to God's Prophets Today" by John Sandford
Yet another great read that tackles on the lives and journey of the prophets. In this book, the author expertly covers the various ways on how God will communicate with His prophets and the possible perils and pitfalls those prophets will encounter on the said journey.
The author has been known as one of the best authority on the said topic and has done an excellent job in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences with his own personal encounter with the Lord.
Elijah Among Us: Understanding and Responding to God's Prophets Today is one of the highly recommended books that is especially writer for people who wants to learn and integrate the fascinating calling and integrate their learning into their own journey.
"The Elijah Task" by John Sandford
John Elijah has been known as a prolific writer and has delivered yet another riveting read with this book, which was actually written way back in 1977.
This book is considered a classic and a popular resource for individuals who have found their calling to serve the Lord. Once again, he discusses the different ways and methods used by God to communicate with his prophets. People can learn much from the teachings imparted on this book.
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