The healthy functioning of the upper and lower extremities is an important factor in a person's life. If you began to feel constant pain in the limbs, due to which you are unable to lead a normal life, you need to contact a specialist who will be assigned dopplerography of the veins and arteries of the upper and lower extremities.
After listening to the patient's complaints, the doctor decides to perform a duplex scan of the veins and arteries of the extremities in order to obtain Cardiology CRO better and more complete information about the state of the vascular system.
Doppler ultrasound is the main method for detecting diseases in the vascular system of the extremities. Using this technique, you can get data on the movement of any fluid.
To date, doctors use ultrasound to study blood flow in the vessels.
Today in Moscow, the clinic "ProfMedPomoshch" uses modern devices to determine the diagnosis of the Doppler effect. With the help of the device, ultrasonic signals are sent to the problematic vessels.
The registrar records all changes in the frequency of these waves, which are repelled by the movement of blood.
As a result of the information received, the doctor sees a clear picture of the state of the vessels: the amount of blood, the speed of its movement, etc.
Now we can draw conclusions about whether there are blood flow disorders, blockage of blood vessels, and also what condition the walls of the vessels are in.
The doctor prescribes ultrasound of the veins and arteries to the patient in case of suspicious signs that may be the cause of diseases of the vessels of the arms or legs.
  • Let's see what symptoms you need to see a doctor for:
  • Rapid fatigue, pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • Feeling of constant cold in the lower or upper limbs during the cold season;
  • There is a tingling of the skin of the extremities;
  • Small sores are visible on the skin of the lower leg;
  • The limbs begin to swell, especially towards the end of the day.
Ultrasound dopplerography allows the doctor to detect violations of the functional work of blood vessels. At the same time, he can assess the patency of the vascular bed, internal formations and all indicators of blood flow.
Before the procedure, you will need to remove clothing from the part of the body that is to be diagnosed. To undergo an ultrasound scan, the patient lies on the couch, and the procedure can also be performed while sitting.
To make the results of the study more reliable, a gel is applied to the skin, which can enhance the contact of the sensor with the patient's skin.
During the procedure, the specialist installs the sensor in places where the vessels will be examined. At the same time, he holds the apparatus in Cardiovascular CRO a certain position, which shows a graph of vessel sections.
During the changing pictures, sounds are also heard that explain the changes in blood flow in the vessel.
Dopplerography of the veins and arteries of the upper and lower extremities is a painless procedure and does not pose any danger to human health. The duration of this study is 30-40 minutes.
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