4 Writing Rules for Budding Content Writers

If you have started writing blogs recently, then there are certain elements that you must know to develop quality content. You see, writing blogs is different from your college English assignments, where teachers help you with the right active and passive sentences.

That's where the difference lies. No doubt, the general rules remain the same for writing any academic or personal content. However, your aim while writing blog content must be to engage readers and bring variations, as suggested by experts offering English assignment help. Take help if you worried about who can “make my essay for me”.

Below are some more content writing rules to keep you on the right track -

  1. Choose only one person in a paragraph

The writer's point of view is where one of the most common errors occurs. The problem is within the same sentence. Writers often switch among the first, second, and third person.

Although it may be difficult for seasonal readers to notice, the abrupt pattern of switching between 'persons' disrupts the flow of the content and can confuse a reader. You can take online homework help on all subjects.

  1. Don't use the same words in adjacent sentences

Most writers have the propensity to use certain words excessively.

Look at the following example -

In other words, until we leave our comfort zone, there is no other way to experience similar adventures.

In the above sentence, although there is nothing inherently incorrect with this line, the word "other" is repeated too often, giving the sentence a repetitive and monotonous feel.

Instead of repeating phrases, try employing applicable synonyms because they give your vocabulary more colour and flow. It exhibits your command of a wide variety of words and your ability to use them effectively. Take help on Do my essay for me.

In the context of the example mentioned above, you can write this -

In other words, until we leave our comfort zone, there is no alternative to experience similar adventures.

  1. Avoid capitalising words unnecessarily

Budding content writers often capitalise arbitrary words like "Internet," "Business," "Smart," etc.

However, only proper nouns should be capitalised in English as a whole. (A general rule in grammar)

Now, you can capitalise certain common nouns like "Dog" if you so wish. It essentially boils down to personal preference for style.

But note that the trick is to stick with this capitalisation throughout your content, only if it has a special meaning to the setting of your story. You can also take electrical engineering assignment help online.

  1. Add variation in sentence structure

If you read a lot, you probably already know that a well-balanced mix of short, long, and complicated sentences gives an article rhythm.

It's crucial to switch up your sentence construction when writing to keep your reader interested.

Long, intricate phrases are acceptable as long as you break them up with a few shorter ones. But avoid writing long paragraphs with lengthy explanations.

You can engage your reader by often varying your sentence structure and writing style.

You can also add devices like metaphors, personification etc., which intrigue readers and create a visualisation through reading your content.

Summary - Blogs must have qualities to engage readers. For that, you must heighten your sense of writing. Now, there are general writing rules. But for content writing, there are additional rules. Read this article & explore.


Ref: https://annephoebe.webbuzzfeed.com/20374639/4-writing-rules-for-budding-content-writers

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